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November 08, 2008

A singular defeat in JoCo

In two distinct elections this season, the primary and the general, Johnson County voters have spoken clearly and with conviction. They have totally repudiated the single-issue philosophy by soundly defeating Phill Kline, Tim Golba, Kris Kobach and their coalition of zealots.

Kline was routed in the primary by Steve Howe, who won the general election as well. And the ballot Question 1 — election of judges — initiated and supported by Mr. Golba in order to get Kline elected to a judgeship, was soundly sunk. The defeat gave Kobach and the Johnson County Republicans a stout refusal.

It’s not that Johnson Countians are so dead set against what they want. It’s that they are so myopic that one single issue drives their entire agenda to the exclusion of all else. You cannot govern that way.

Mr. Golba has promised that we have not heard the last of this, either from him or from his followers. Perhaps not. But we have heard the last of this particular strategy for a good long while, at least in Johnson County. However, other Kansas counties should be on the lookout.

Reggie Marselus



As Reggie Marselus probably knows many counties in Kansas already elect their judges. My question in his matter is if we are going to have laws regarding abortion and statutory rape shouldn't we see they are obeyed rather than systematically ignored?

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