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November 05, 2008

Act would let unions coerce

The Employee Free Choice Act should be renamed the Employee Slave Act. Robert Minor’s letter (11/3) shows a lack of understanding of the act as written and the coercive tactics used by the union organizers to get people to sign cards for a union. The process deprives people of the sanctity of the secret ballot, a basic premise and foundation of a free society in a democracy.

The act makes the working men and women victims of another hand in their pockets. It takes money for food and gas from the people the unions claim to represent in the form of dues, which start out small and grow.

I was in my late teens, working on the docks in Maryland, when a union organizer wanted my friends and me to sign cards to join the union. We said no. The next day he returned with two goons and said we should reconsider and sign the cards, or his friends would help us sign. We said no, and the fight started.

With only signed cards required to certify a union as a bargaining agent, and no secret ballot, this sort of union strong-arming will be the norm.

George Benjamin



Do you actually believe that unions won't use pressure and force to get those cards signed? If this is the case you either have no experience with unions or are very unobservant.


The Federal Reserve and Congress created a financial crisis by making too much cheap money available and required lending to those with poor credit. Our leaders are now considering increasing the power of labor unions, imposing trade tarriffs and reconsidering free trade agreements.

Compare this to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 to loosen credit requirements, National Industrial Recovery Act in 1933 which provided for collective bargaining, the National Labor Relations Act in 1935 which required good faith bargaining, and the Smoot-Hawley act of 1930 which increased trade tariffs. This all led or prolonged a decade long depression.

Unfortunately, ignorant politicians seem to be hell bent on repeating history.


This will be one of the first things that the power trio (Nancy, Harry and Lord Obama) will try to pass, after all they have to repay their union buddies! Surely you can't believe that the unions would not play fair. Oh wait, we are talking about unions aren't we, what was i thinking. Their only real concern is self preservation.


or maybe real life relevance made "Demolition Man" believable.
**Wait, Demolition man is predicting a major earthquake in LA in 2010, and that the Governator will become president....


Or maybe real life relevance made “On the Waterfront” believable.


George "coulda been a contender".


Given George's age (according to whitepages dot com, 65+), he was in his late teens and working on the Maryland docks in the 1950s.

George's story sounds an awfully lot like the plot from 1954's "On The Waterfront".

I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

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