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November 04, 2008

An ‘angel’ to the rescue

Do you believe in angels? Well, I certainly do, and I want to publicly say a huge thank-you to an angel in disguise. All I know about him is his name, Tommy Williams, and that he does mechanic work and home interior work.

My grandson and I were on Van Brunt Boulevard on 35th Street, on our way home from the VA Hospital when a car came up behind us very fast. I thought we were going to be hit so I made a sharp turn and ended up on the median, in a very precarious position. Thank goodness I had AAA, but it was going to be quite a wait.

In the meantime a gentleman came by and helped get us into a safe position. I had only $10, which I offered, but he refused, saying only that he wanted to help. I thank God for him. I feel God sent him to help me. I believe he probably helped save our lives.

I am an 80-year-young lady and my great-grandson’s helper. If I had money, Mr. Tommy Williams, believe me, I would reward you. In the meantime, thank you from my heart. You are in my prayers.

Viola Christine Gaddis
Kansas City


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