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November 09, 2008

Careful when parking downtown

On a recent Friday evening, two friends and I parked in a surface parking lot at 15th and Grand to attend an event at the Midland Theatre. I had parked there before with no problems.

At the end of the night, our cars had all been towed. We saw signs indicating it was a private lot and that cars were towed at owners’ expense. We hadn’t noticed the signs earlier, because of fire trucks and commotion related to an emergency.

The tow companies told us that it was a $250 tow charge, cash only. They also told us that if our cars were not picked up that night, an additional charge of $300 or more would be added by the next day. We decided to retrieve our cars immediately.

We understand that lot owners have a legal right to tow. But those attending events downtown need to realize that these people are taking advantage of the resurgence of the area. They are obviously more interested in this money-making scheme than in your patronage. Our cars were towed half an hour after we parked, as were several others.

Also be advised: The city does not oversee towing practices or fees from private parking lots.

J.L. Robinson



Got what she deserved.

T. Hanson

Sorry about that, I mis-read the letter. I thought she parked on the side of the street. In which I have seen the cops put up signs after the car was parked there, and then tow about an hour later.

I retract my yell.


"Great idea KC!"

There's the issue. It's not KC's right (or idea) about how PRIVATE lot owners deal with illegal parking, and it seems like the PRIVATE owner's idea is working. I'll bet Ms. Robinson thinks twice before she decides to park in someone else's lot again.

There are plenty of public parking options available downtown, and with a little planning, accommodations are easy to find. Yeah, it's harder than parking in a lot at Wal-Mart, but downtown isn't a suburban big-box store, so the expectation shouldn't be there.


Great point Hanson, my thoughts exactly. Lets really encourage area residents to come down town and enjoy the P&L District and the Midland, yesiree bob, why $250 is cheap for parking, I cnn't wait to go there!

T. Hanson

Great way to attact people to the downtown area. Tow their cars and make them pay... Great idea KC!


"We understand that lot owners have a legal right to tow."

Then what's the issue? Of course the lot owners have deals with tow companies and are making money off the arrangement, but it was YOU who chose to park in a private lot. Tell me, what would you do if someone chose to park in your driveway?

If you're going downtown, know the rules. Private lots, meters, and tow-zones are part of the deal.

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