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November 21, 2008

Dear Soldier …

Dear Soldier,

We are the luckiest country in the world. You help us keep our freedom. You are the savior of many lives. You help us fight our enemy. You are the heart in our nation.

I think we should talk to our enemy and try to understand our enemy, but I know you have to fight back sometimes. I know it is hard to end wars.

Until the war has ended, I want you to be brave.

Thank you,

Collin Anselmi, age 8



Collin we have attempted what is referred to as diplomacy with many of those that despise western culture and use Islam as their scapegoat to kill "infidels".
Just remember, according to the First lady elect, this is a horrible country that affords no opportunity compard to other countries like Kenya, Congo, Somalia, Ethipoia, Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia, just to name a few that are so much better than the USA. The Michael Moores of the world, hate this nation and acquire great wealth leading bogus liberal tantrums professing as such.

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