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November 04, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act

Columnist E. Thomas McClanahan predicts a “disastrous power grab by unions” if the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law (10/26, Opinion). Corporations have wielded enormous power over employees in recent decades, thanks to a spineless National Labor Relations Board and toothless employee protection laws.

A table needs at least three legs to stand. Society needs at least three legs as well: government, corporations and strong organized labor.

McClanahan decries the possibility or probability of intimidation by union organizers and peer pressure. Surely he is aware of the intimidation to which corporate representatives have subjected individual workers and the mandatory meetings workers must attend to listen to threats and warnings against unionizing.

I am hopeful that a new administration will appoint to the NLRB persons with spines. I am hopeful that Congress will give the NLRB legislation with teeth.

The U.S. needs the Employee Free Choice Act — and an NLRB with integrity.

Ted Schroeder
Kansas City

As usual, E. Thomas McClanahan is expressing his low regard for the working-class people of America. His current target is the Employee Free Choice Act. He says unions “undermine productivity, the source of rising living standards.”

These last eight years, I guess the 12 percent union workforce has been responsible for the horrible — sometimes criminal — condition our standard of living is experiencing. Under the current conditions, corporations are able to intimidate and pressure their employees (face to face) to vote against unionizing. Corporations also have the ability to drag the process out without having to negotiate in good faith. The EFCA will restore the balance to this process.

The working people of America have seen what corporate greed has done for them in the last eight years. Many of them expressed their dissatisfaction with the current system when they voted yesterday.

Bob Kanatzar



For one who has seen Union operatives at work it is clear that the title of this act should be "The Union Thug Enablement Act". The chilling thing is that most congress people really know this as well. But hey, those Unions payoff big.


I agree, Marctnts. I would also like to know how government intrusion into the relationship between an employee and employer is considered making society more "Free". The bottom line is that if the employee is not happy with the conditions of employment offered by the employer, they are currently "free" to look for work elsewhere. If you don't like it, you don't like freedom.


Please explain why the current structure, including secret ballot elections overseen by the NLRB, is a bad thing?

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