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November 22, 2008

Forced abortion in China

While the world watches, the Chinese government is forcing a woman to abort her baby. This is common. This is barbaric. This is unbelievable.

Let’s all go shopping and buy more products “made in China” to give our children for Christmas.

Where is the outrage?

Jean M. Kaiser


Art Chick

lmao at you 2.

Pub 17


Stifled Freedom

opps. Yes you did have a closing quotation. Still watching.

Stifled Freedom

AHH, didn't take long. Pub17, you made a grammatical error. You have an open-ended quote with no closing quotation.

Pub 17

And China is the only developing country to stop the population explosion. Get used to it, because after years of denial we're going to have to confront the issue of "everyone has the right to as many babies as they choose" very, very soon.

Stifled Freedom

Ms Kaiser, who do you think is financing the corporate bailouts? The treasury is borrowing the money from China. We have no leaverage to condemn thier policies when we need thier loans to stay afloat.

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