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November 23, 2008

GOP loyalty committee

Loyalty committee. Loyalty plank. Voting prohibition. Shades of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Except it’s not 1950. It’s 2008, and that’s what the Johnson County Republican party leadership believes in. State chairman Kris Kobach said it was one of his goals to keep party officers “from endorsing or giving money to Democrats” (11/18, Local, “GOP restricts members who gave to Democrats”).

According to the article, the loyalty committee reviewed 17 precinct leaders and determined that they didn’t kowtow to the party line. They contributed to various Democratic candidates, for various listed reasons.

Other than the obvious, that the state Republican party took the time and effort to investigate each party officer’s spending, doesn’t it bother anyone that this item was even approved? I could say that the members got bit by something they obviously knew of and approved, but that would be petty.

Why just restrict those who contributed to Democrats? What about those who might have helped a Libertarian? Or a Green Party candidate? There’s the Independent Party, the Reform Party and the Constitution Party.

The Republicans could have commanded, er, told their membership, “Support Republicans and no one else, or you’ll never vote again, at least not for the party leadership.”

Lane Sekavec
De Soto



If you are going to hold a party post you should be committed to the party. In my opinion any honorable person who held such a post but felt they needed to support a rival candidate should resign.

Pub 17

Kris Kobach is sacrificing the Republican Party in Johnson County on the altar of his ego, and the moderate Republicans who should have Johnson County locked away permanently as a Republican stronghold, rather than Dennis Moore's personal fiefdom, don't have the will or the means to stop him.

Yaaaayyyy, Kris! Go, boy, go!

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