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November 18, 2008

Grateful to our veterans

Veterans Day has come and gone, but somehow the events of the past few months leading up to the election, hearing and watching the people getting out and voting and listening to John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s speeches overwhelmed me with pride.

I am proud and grateful to be an American, proud and grateful to have served my country in the U.S. Navy, proud to be a veteran and proud and grateful to those people now serving our country.

The freedoms we all enjoy and some take for granted are not without cost. Let us all remember this as we honor all of our veterans past and present.

William Mace
Overland Park


KC news Hound

Amen especially the ones who did their job even though they knew it was a bad decision from the top.


Editorial comment regarding Veterans Day? Given that such a commentary would be a string of obsequious platitudes, why is that necessary? In my eyes, calling such public attention to service diminishes the honor of having served and such conscious and conspicuous congratulations would embarrass any humble person who has made such a sacrifice.


Don't sweat it Kee the Ammo Humper is always looking for someone to punch his TS card.....


I stand corrected, I meant to say there was no editorial comment honoring our veterans. There were some news articles about various events.

Rather free with the judgements and name calling aren't you viet-vet? You must be a very angry person, I will pray for you.


You're simply a liar, Kee. A quick search of the Star archives turns up more than a dozen recent mentions of Veteran's Day.

Oh I get it ... you're one of those guys who either makes stuff up or lets hate radio do all your thinking.


Well said Bill. Did you notice this newspaper along with the New York Times never even mentioned the day?

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