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November 01, 2008

Iraq and the election

No war would mean no surge

Another letter (10/29) comes to us pointing out how Barack Obama ought to admit his error in judgment over the surge. Why doesn’t John McCain have to admit his poor judgment over the war itself?

If we had followed Obama’s judgment on the war, the judgment about the surge would never have existed.

Trying to make the claim that McCain would be the better commander in chief because of his surge judgment is like trying to make a man who believes you open milk bottles when they are upside down in charge of opening milk bottles because he has the best judgment on how to clean up milk from the floor.

Jerry Skillicorn
Overland Park

Iraqi-American backs Obama

In the midst of the economic turmoil, the Iraq war is taking a back seat in this presidential campaign. Not so for Iraqi-Americans. Will Iraqi-Americans vote for the candidate who wants to end the war, or for the one who vows to continue fighting?

The Iraqi community is split.

At the beginning of the campaign, an Iraqi-American friend of mine was leaning toward John McCain. Now he is leaning toward Barack Obama. Why? He says Obama will be more accepted by the Iraqi people, and thus more likely to make breakthroughs. Second, he hopes Obama’s continued pressure on the Iraqi government to take responsibility for their own country will yield results.

I add that, of the two, Obama is the more thoughtful, more patient candidate. McCain is locked into the mindset that the military has the most potent answer to all international crises.

Rami Saffarini
Platte City



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