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November 19, 2008

Is it really an ‘assault rifle’?

A.L. Pearson (11/17, Letters, “Who really needs an assault rifle?”) obviously is not a hunter.

What the media refer to as an “assault rifle” is not the same thing a gun owner, or, for that matter, a soldier would. The “assault rifle” Ward Weber (11/10, A-1, “Election’s outcome triggers record sales at gun shops”) was purchasing was a semiautomatic rifle, no different from most hunting rifles, which uses the same ammunition as many common hunting rifles. Basically, what the media call an “assault rifle” is just a hunting rifle with a scary-looking exterior.

I hope my powerful NRA lobby will continue the fight against liberals’ tactics of fear against law-abiding citizens and allow us to continue to both hunt and defend ourselves.

Joe A. Henderson

A.L. Pearson asks why an ordinary citizen would want an assault rifle. I would say for the same reason someone would want a Corvette, an iPhone or a designer purse, when much less expensive versions of these products would suffice. This is America, where we have the freedom to pursue our interests and enjoy a variety of hobbies.

A rifle like the one Mr. Weber purchased could be used for sport shooting, home defense or hunting. In truth, it is very similar to other rifles not tagged with the “assault” label. The biggest difference is visual. Any laws restricting the purchase of “assault” weapons are typically based on completely cosmetic features.

The restrictions on these weapons do nothing to improve the safety of the average citizen. All of the laws in the world won’t stop someone from committing a crime if they have the intent to do so.

Brandon Barthel
Overland Park



17 you are off course, regardless of the deaths by guns, the US Constitution affords us the UNALIENABLE right to own a firearm.
More people than that die in vehicular deaths, so I suppose we should outlaw vehicles? I am not a hunter and actually think it's a rather cowardly, arrogant venue except for over populated animals like deer or rabbits and/or for food source.
I choose to have several assault rifles to negate any CDF, Gestapo or other rogue entity, government or otherwise.

Pub 17

Three thousand dead at the World Trade Center and we vow eternal vengeance. Three thousand dead EVERY FIVE WEEKS from guns and we get all weepy over the Constitution. Pathetic.


Pub 17
What's your 51% manta? But even that won't work because it's a constitutional right, the Supreme Court said so.

Pub 17

Three thousand dead in the WTC, thirty thousand dead every year from guns. Bite me.

KC news Hound

Taking the Constitution literally using common definitions from the time period we should all be allowed to have the same personal armament that the military carries. In addition the states have the right to have their own (well organized) armies separate from the federal army. I will keep my guns one way or the other. If Obama is smart (doubt it) he will concern his admin with things that won't trash the next bid for the house on the hill.

T. Hanson

"It's comming at us Ned!!!" -Uncle Jimbo, South Park.


Finally, someone who is pro-gun tells it like it is--some guns have no practical purpose beyond that of a fun hobby. And thanks to the 2nd Amendment, gun hobbyists can collect all of the guns they want.

It's a shame to see groups--anti-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage--try to regulate the lives of others in areas that have no negative impact on their own lives. If we all just followed the idea of "live and let live" the world would be a better place.

Pub 17

Skill or kill, Frag, pick one and stick with it. You want to manage game, pick a weapon with max kill capability and use every electronic and tech aid you can get financing for. You want to hunt, hunt.


Pubes stick to bashing Conservatives you are so pathetic when you attempt to discuss firearms.

Semi-autos assure clean kills a single shot may only wound an animal. Semiautos have less recoil and are easier to shoot as part of the gas goes to chamber a new round and not to only recoil.

Hunters like Kee and I have done for more Wildlife and Conservation than you moon bat tree huggers could ever dream of.

Kindly do us the service of just getting into your Honda, going to the country, huggin a tree and shut up. OH, no wait, I forgot you have that troop train thing going.

Pub 17

If you were a true sportsman, Kee, you'd be looking for the sport, not the mass kill. You want to kill sh*t, borrow Frag's V-10 F-350 with the snowplow and drive up and down the road at night at eighty miles an hour during deer season with your brights on. You want sport, hunt waterfowl with a single-shot .22.


It is amazing the traction the term "assault rifle" got in the media. Then when someone is asked to define the term it becomes "Obama speak", er, ah, er...

Apparently if the rifle has a flash suppresor and a magazine that extends below the reciever it is an "assault weapon".

I guess the term must ring true for the uninformed. We shooting sport fans need to educate the general public. These two letters are well written in that respect.


Troop train leaving KC at 1400 saddle up Pubes!

Pub 17

Or readable; crayon on construction paper smears so.


Two reasoned and thoughtful letters; I am surprised they were printed.

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