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November 06, 2008

Keep union voting secret

In regard to the card-check bill (Employee Free Choice Act), E. Thomas McClanahan had it right (10/26, Opinion, “A disastrous power grab by unions awaits”). Why are people so against business these days?

Obviously, there have been employers that told workers not to join unions, but the threat of intimidation by labor members is the real threat. Many times people have thrust petitions in my face and made it seem like I would not be in their circle if I refused to sign.

Can you imagine Jimmy Hoffa types carrying petitions in the workplace? The person who refuses to sign still has to work side by side with the petition carriers. This is an untenable situation, and recent letter writers (11/5) are way off the mark.

I hope freedom to vote in secret will be preserved for everyone.

Chris F. Anderson

I am all for “free choice” for employees to form unions. What I do object to is the statement in this act that says all one needs to do is sign a paper saying they want a union. A secret ballot, currently the law, is not required by this act, thereby allowing for union intimidation of workers to “just sign this little piece of paper.”

Doesn’t seem quite in keeping with our right to a secret ballot on major issues.

Steve Bailey



Two great letters. I'm all for the right to organize, but this bill is a big overreach.

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