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November 20, 2008

KMBC discrimination suit

My husband and I began watching KMBC news shortly after we moved to the area in 1980. Yes, we remember Christine Craft, and we thought KMBC had changed its ways. Apparently not so, based on the lawsuit filed by three longtime female staffers (11/15, A-1, “KMBC hit by gender lawsuit”).

We want to hear the news from someone we respect and trust because of their knowledge and experience, not some young chick in a tight sweater. In support of Maria Antonia, Peggy Breit and Kelly Eckerman, we are no longer watching any news broadcast on KMBC.

Ellie Luzynski
Blue Springs

Finally, the female anchors at KMBC are doing something about the blatant discrimination that has been going on for too long in television news. I often wondered why the men enjoyed longevity after turning gray while the women have been replaced by younger, giggly females.

I, for one, have turned to other stations for my news.

Susan Boney
Kansas City



No matter where you live, local newscasts are a complete waste of time. The news writing is terrible, and the amateur acting techniques employed in reading the news copy is laughable. And what's with the anchors standing next to each other, taking turns reading lines from the same story? Oh, and can I say how annoying it is that they report all the stories in the present tense? As in..."an Overland Park woman is startled when she hears an intruder in the garage and gets skunked when she goes to investigate...."? Excuse me, but is this happening NOW or has it already happened?

Friends of ours had their garbage pickup day changed last month. They looked out their window to see a Channel 9 news crew interviewing their next door neighbor taking out his garbage on the new pickup day. Wow, talk about a SLOWWWWW news day.


To be fair, its like for men the difference of tv and radio. One of my favorite radio voice pitchmen is Skid Roadie, but if you ever saw him you know why he is on radio and not tv.


Classic "life ain't fair" situation. Imagine Larry Moore in drag. OK, thats not right, imagine an attractive 60 something woman reading the news. sad commentary but true that we don't like that on our TVs. We like pretty vibrant women reading us our news weather and sports. Sure, there are some late thirty early 40s women doing weather and early mornings, but the industry chews em' up and spits them out.

Hi Def TV is really going to weed many out next year.


Here's the post I made on this non-issue three days ago:

1.) There have been cuts across the board for journalists.

2.) Why would someone whose hiring is based on appearance be surprised when her firing is based on appearance?

While I can appreciate their individual efforts, local journalism is a joke. I attribute this more to the management than the staff, but it's rarely anything more than, "This building behind me was robbed 2 hours ago." That's news?


Hey people, if you want news watch a news program. If you want to see what convenience stores were robbed today, turn on the local networks at 5, 6 and 10.


I heard a good point on this issue the other day. If these women were hired, in a good part, because of their appearance, then why is it wrong to modify their duties when this appearance begins to fade?

It seems that if you work in the entertainment industry (don't kid yourself, this is exactly what local news is) and your looks were a consideration on the front end, they should also allowed to be a consideration on the back in.

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