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November 20, 2008

Light sentence for killer

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the Jackson Country prosecutor’s office dropped the ball in regard to the sentencing of Robert Osborn’s killer? (11/18, Local, “Sentence in bicyclist’s death displeases family of victim; Following the plea agreement, judge orders 15-year prison term for co-defendant in slaying”).

I guess all you have to do to get off easy is make sure you have an accomplice, and then simply point the finger in each other’s direction.

The logic for not pursuing a sentence of life without parole is beyond me. Whoever set up this plea agreement should be ashamed. This is not justice; it is a joke.

Darren Bradley
Kansas City



Just cut his head off and be done with it.
The court has bigger fish to fry, there is a long list of erroneous debtors to chase down.


it sounds like, from what i can tell in the article, this was a case of Murder 2, not murder 1. Certainly not Man 1.

What did he plea to? 15 years seems like a Man 1 sentence. 20 years seems like it would've been more in line with a murder 2 plea.

I watch too much Law and Order



There are different offenses of murder under our laws. Are you suggesting there should only be one covering all? Are you also suggesting that this murderer somehow got preferential treatment?


"If one is convicted of the offense of murder..."

They were plea-bargains, not convictions, and the plea-bargains were based upon the agreed upon sentence.

"The prosecutor is charge with the responsibility of putting criminals in jail and the bench is charge with giving them a sentence fitting to the crime."

Again, this was a plea-bargained case, so none of your thoughts apply.


If one is convicted of the offense of murder, does that not indicated some evidence against him? Are you saying it is "fine" with you that a "thrill killer" walks on parole after five or six years?

The prosecutor is charge with the responsibility of putting criminals in jail and the bench is charge with giving them a sentence fitting to the crime. Neither occurred in this instance, and it cannot be justified or rationalized away.


Good morning Marctnts,

Have to agree with you here. There are conditions that must be met for first degree murder and a life sentence. If the police and prosecutor had the goods on this guy I'm sure they would have used them.




"Fifteen years is a slap to the face of justice."

Nice sound-bite, now how about the questions? What KNOWLEDGE of the case to you have (since there was none to be gleaned from the article) that would lead you to believe that there would have been a reasonable chance of conviction if the accused had gone to trail?


It is myunderstanding that the killer was "bored" so for something to do he shot this man. Fifteen years is a slap to the face of justice. The prosecutor and the judge should be ashamed of themselves.


I would guess that if the Jackson County DA actually thought they had a realistic chance of conviction, without the confessions, they would have pursued it. When it comes time for re-election, high profile convictions are always better than unpopular plea bargains.

The 15-year agreement does seem low, but notice, the article does include any "real" facts about the case. A little more information about the real strength of what they had may shed a little light on the decision.

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