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November 29, 2008

Looks are part of TV news

Those women at KMBC complaining that they were demoted (11/15, A-1, “KMBC hit by gender lawsuit”) don’t seem to know TV is an entertainment industry. They got on TV in the first place because they were the pretty one, not necessarily because they were the best journalists.

I was in broadcasting for 25 years and saw a lot of better-qualified reporters, male and female, passed over for eye candy. Providing the whole package is the job.

Using youth, then finding somebody new, is what the entertainment industry does. It’s why we don’t have to fear what the Victoria’s Secret catalog will look like in 20 years and why George Brett isn’t still playing third base for the Royals.

When someone can’t deliver everything they were hired for, it’s time to show some class and move on.

George Thomas

Overland Park



the moderators have already kicked off Rogue/BuddyT/mianotkia twice because of his ridiculously low and classless comments. Most people on here realize who mianotkia really is, and aren't willing to put up with his insulting crap anymore. He deserves the language that gets thrown at him. Just wait and see, and as soon as there is a letter about Obama, he will start up with "jommamma" and racial slurs against him.

The fact that you are defending him puts you in a low light to every other poster on here.

However, I do agree that the women on fox news are prettier to look at. It also happens that they lack any sort of substance outside of Repub talking points (they ARE hired for their looks, not their brains.. although the one chick who analyzes hand gestures for O'Rielly should be laid off for someone prettier. The amount of makeup that she puts on for the camera is disgustingly obvious. I don't even want to imagine what she'd look like in the morning when she gets out of bed. But they do need something to counterbalance the hideousness of Bill O'Rielly.

Pub 17

Gee, Kee, your offensively sexist comments do constitute orderly, objective debate, and I'm totally out of line acting as if you and Rogue are a couple of trogs from the fifties who're still p.o.'d that True and Argosy went out of business. Prolly com'nists.


I must agree with you mia, Megan is much better to look at than WahWah.

I see Pub 17 is back to insulting posters again. What a classless act. Is there no moderator for this board?

Pub 17

Watch Fox? Sorry, I can't pass the physical. I have an IQ in excess of 85 and a working pair.


Watch Fox, talk about eye candy, hubba, hubba!..Excuse me docy, but I will take Megan Kelly over Barbara WahWah any day!


Apparently, George prefers young eye candy. How about the national news anchors - most of them are in their 40s and up - aren't they? Even in the entertainment industry - some of the shows have several reporters/anchors that are even in their 60s (Barbara Walters, Mary Hart, etc).

Get with the times - this isn't the 70s/80s anymore.

By the way, George Brett isn't playing anymore because, as one ages, they don't play sports as well - has nothing to do with youth but a lot to do with their ability to do the job well. Most jobs requiring physical labor will have their limitation while office jobs - one can do well for quite a few more years.

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