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November 12, 2008

Mayor’s lack of leadership

Kansas City councilwoman Cindy Circo has done an outstanding job as chair of the Housing Committee. She has worked countless hours and is trying to make Kansas City a better place to live for all of our citizenry.

Mayor Funkhouser obviously doesn’t agree, as he took the chair post from her (11/8, A-1, “Mayor takes council to court”). This is the second time he has taken a chair away from an excellent councilperson (Ed Ford).

Recently, two respected members of the mayor’s office have resigned (Ed Wolf and Joe Miller). I hope sooner rather than later we will receive effective leadership from the mayor’s office. It certainly hasn’t happened for the past 18 months.

John Tancredi
Kansas City



Just what we need, an expensive recall election because this guy is whipped.

Mayor Funk, I believe you can do the job if you'd just put your city and its citizens in front of your desire to have your wife at your side at work. If you really care for the city you'd not cost it millions of dollars and months of ineffectiveness.


I've heard a lot of talk that a MAJOR recall election push is just around the corner. The word is that an announcement may be made in the next week or so.

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