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November 09, 2008

Oil woes are our own fault

Bruce L. Rogers (11/6, Letters) cites gas lines in the ’70s as reason to blame oil and car companies for the “economic mess” we’re in. It’s untenable to blame oil companies simply because they sell a product people want to buy.

Rogers laments that U.S. car companies did not develop hybrids and presumably other fuel-efficient cars. A wee bit of research reveals that fuel-efficient cars have sold poorly in the U.S., while sales of trucks and SUVs soared.

Fickle Americans want efficient cars only during spikes in gas prices. As soon as the price retreats, they go back to buying huge cars. American car companies simply produce what sells.

Americans eat too much, spend too much and use too much gas, but have only themselves to blame.

Brian Merrell
Lee’s Summit


Pub 17

Actually, Rogue has been whining about "being told what to drive" for decades. I've reminded him through three-, four-, and now two-dollar gas that he has the right to drive anything he wants AND THAT HE CAN AFFORD TO FILL THE TANK OF. I'm now pretending that I have one of his dream cars available, the fabulous 454 4X4 1973 Chevy Suburban, which did in fact get 4-6 mpg in mixed driving-is he interested in this fine, patriotic vehicle?

He was also yammering about "drill, baby, drill," and how the republic was in peril if we didn't immediately start drilling all over ANWR and in my lady's chamber. Now that demand has slowed and the price of oil's collapsed, he still thinks he's got a valid sneering point about "climate change whack jobs who have prevented oil companies from developing our own resources off shore and in the Artic."

Sigh. It must be Monday, and a rainy one at that.


Your post has nothing to do with either the letter or the post by Rogue. Your logic pattern must look like a plate of spaghetti.

Pub 17

Too bad, Rogue, gas went back down to two bucks a gallon on slow demand before you could get any holes in the ground. As ever, nobody's telling you what kind of "vehickle" you can drive. You can drive anything you want, if you can afford to fill the tank. Matter of fact, I've got a '73 Suburban with a four-fifty-four I've been trying to get rid of since 1978-patriot like yourself should be proud to give me ten large for this four mpg classic.


Well see Brian, it is, or has been till now a free country. I personally do not care for folks telling me what to eat, or what kind of vehickle I must have.

If there is blame to be handed out, lets talk about the climate change whack jobs who have prevented oil companies from developing our own resources off shore and in the Artic.

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