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November 20, 2008

Paseo Bridge needs bike lane

I had always expected gasoline prices to set new records, but I still was shocked to spend more than $4 a gallon. Then the Big Three automakers simultaneously needing a bailout certainly was a bigger surprise than that.

Paseo Bridge project director Brian Kidwell needs to take a close look at current events and stop thinking of cycling as recreational (11/18, FYI, “Cyclists push for right of passage; New Paseo Bridge over the river will not have a bike/pedestrian lane”). It’s beyond that for a lot of people, and a dedicated Paseo Bridge bike and pedestrian lane is a definite worthy cause. It’s certainly not too late in the planning to take care of this.

Out in here in the backwoods (Independence) better foresight has been shown. When the Bundschu Bridge was rebuilt a couple of years back, it received dedicated walkways going both ways. And this is in an area that is probably decades from development.

I think the record gas prices will be back sooner than later. The money for the bike lane can be found and would benefit more and more people for years to come.

Mark Breeding



Do not forget about the snow chains ordinance during the winter months.
Man, I would be in great cardiovascular shape if I rode a bike on my job where it requires as much as 1500 miles per week commuting.


Mark has no clue about construction costs on a bridge like this if he thinks you can just throw in a bike lane.

Also, as repete said, this is a major highway. Where would the cyclists get on and off the bridge?


I can understand wanting a sidewalk divided from the roadway, but to have a bike lane would be homicidal. We're talking about an interstate here.


Isn't there room on the existing Heart of America bridge to include bike lanes? This bridge is rather wide for the number of vehicular lanes it carries, and reconfiguring an existing bridge is a whole lot cheaper than adding width to a new bridge.

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