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November 17, 2008

Politically, it’s a small world

When I read the “As I See It” column by Jenny Lumpkin (11/7, Opinion, “A ballot heard round the world”), I had tears in my eyes.

My husband and I traveled in England in late September, and we had similar experiences. Everyone wanted to talk about the election, and I was struck by the fact that everyone we spoke to knew far more about the issues than many people in own country. And they definitely knew more about the world in general than Americans know about the rest of the world.

There is much work to be done, by the media and by our schools, to educate Americans about the world. It is growing smaller day by day.

Karen Brown



Unlike Rogue I have always cared what people thought about me. On the other hand i have never let that determine my actions.
As previously posted, tea and sympathy are nice. However nations usually determine their policies based on their perception of what is to their best interest. They are usually quick to take advantage of any perceived weakness. They well may be drooling in anticipation as well as smiling in welcome.


"crying towel"-Rogue

Is that what you are calling it today? Your gag reflex sure gets a lot of work.

Stifled Freedom

Rogue, I can see you are very bitter now after the election. Remember, I asked you where you were going to go if Obama won? Well, where? When? There is no place for you now. God, guns, and guts is a dying mentality. I guess you could move way out into the Alaska wilderness. Hint Hint Hint.

Stifled Freedom

So Rogue, I guess that means you stopped growing up in third grade. Its apparent in your posts.


Karen grow the hell up, I stopped caring what other people "thought" about me when I was in third grade. Gag me with a crying towel.

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