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November 05, 2008

Praise for smooth voting

My polling location changed twice. I received an e-mail Tuesday morning from Michelle Obama, reminding me again where to vote and giving me five names to call to remind them of the location of their new polling place.

I arrived at the polls at 9 a.m. There was no line. I voted and was on my way home at 9:04.

Thank you, Clay County, for a job well done!

Joann Blackburn


KC news Hound

Yes thanks Clay county!


Pub 17
"If we're going to talk about how cool it is that anybody can rise in America to the top by hard work, we need to have people rising to the top by hard work." And of course we have just that in this Country, more than in any other of which I am aware. Every Friday I have lunch with other retired professionals. Almost all of them started out under very difficult conditions. I don't know how you define "the top". All of us are now "comfortable" due to our own efforts and work. We could and did do that in a Country oriented to capitalism. We will have to see if it can and will be done in a Country oriented to socialism.

Pub 17

Still waiting for that call back: 202-456-1414.


Hey Cybil, using the Pube 17 ID again, hey?

Whatever, did you see the Prez Elect Yomma has started the recession early? Market down big time??

BTW he is going to have some big bass really "kickin" at the inaug? Is Pdiddy, whoever going to do the anthem? Is it really true Oprah is going to be in charge of homeland security??!!

Right on, Dude!

Pub 17

Naw, I jus' like to keep it simple: if we're going to talk about free, open, fair elections to the R.O.W., we need to have free, open, fair elections here. If we're going to talk about how cool it is that anybody can rise in America to the top by hard work, we need to have people rising to the top by hard work, and not by virtue of inherited wealth and connections, for the R.O.W. to emulate. If we're going to preach freedom of religion and racial tolerance, we need to publicly cut some slack for people who don't look like the faces on our paper currency and who have funny-sounding names.

No need for an American Taliban morally policing the world: just walk the walk for a change.


"...and being once again the beacon of moral leadership to the nations of the world."

I'm not sure we've seen this in a long time (longer than Bush's tenure), or if it is even our place to have this "moral police" view of ourselves on the world stage.

Additionally, I agree. Casting my vote of Tuesday was extremely easy, with lots of helpful poll workers and short lines.


T, you’re right, I have been cynical. But already the oceans are healing, and with them, my mood. And as soon as I get my free gasoline, mortgage, and a pretty unicorn, all will be right in the world.


Note to self: With the revolution comes the outlawing of presidential nicknames.

T. Hanson

I have to say that I am surprised and disappointed in you. For the last year or so your post even when they were pointed were not too cynical or mean hearted, but in the last few weeks and today have proved that me wrong.

The fact is that a few million have decided just as in 2004 when almost the same number went for Bush again. People wanted Obama and no matter the name calling or accusations of him being Muslim scared them off as much as the Right wing kept telling us.

As I have read McCain made some mistakes, the GOP needs to find out how not to make those mistakes to excel next time, just like how the Demos looked at the Kerry/Bush election and that is how they won this time around.

But for now, I have to say that your comments are following the same road as Rouge/BuddyT. What a shame.

Pub 17

The responsibility for the election of an al Qaeda operative to the presidency falls directly on Kate's shoulders:
1. She wasn't snippy enough.
2. She didn't repeat her clever, capitalized nicknames for Barack Hussein Obama often enough.
3. She wasn't diligent enough about decisively winning arguments by pointing out spelling errors.
Shame, shame, shame. Now we have to suffer through eight years of peace, prosperity, and being once again the beacon of moral leadership to the nations of the world.


I had no idea President-elect Hopenchange’s wife would be take such good care of us.

Please tell me where to register my e-mail address, because occasionally I miss hair or dental appointments, so I’ll look forward to Mrs. Obama’s reminders. And maybe she could arrange for a driver while she’s at it.

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