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November 01, 2008

Prop A would benefit Missouri

I’m voting yes on Proposition A to protect the jobs and economic benefits casinos bring to Missouri — and to my own small business.

My work with Missouri casinos has helped me grow Controlled Environmental Products from a 3,000-square-foot space into a 30,400-square-foot warehouse distribution center. We began with one contract 10 years ago, and now we work with casinos regionally and nationally.

Missouri casinos spend $250 million a year with local, minority-owned and female-owned companies like mine. At business fairs sponsored by the casinos, I’ve seen firsthand how they reach out to local businesses.

Harrah’s Kansas City spends more than 29 percent of its budget on minority-owned and women-owned vendors. When Pinnacle built Lumiere Place in downtown St. Louis, 28 percent of the construction budget went to minority-owned firms.

We need Proposition A so Missouri can finally compete for casino visitors on a level playing field with other states, including Kansas.

Best of all, Proposition A will generate more than $100 million for Missouri schools. I urge all Missourians to vote yes on Proposition A.

Marilyn Townsend
President, Controlled Environmental Products
Kansas City



"...with local, minority-owned and female-owned companies like mine..."

Ms. Townsend is a WMBE dream. She literally has ALL the bases covered.

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