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November 13, 2008

Smoking ban at speedway

I read in The Star’s Business section (11/11, “Now, only rubber will burn”) that in 2010 smoking will be banned in the grandstands and most areas of Kansas Speedway. What a joke. Forty or more cars running around the track, spewing copious amounts of carbon monoxide and other fumes, but don’t you dare light up a cigarette.

Guess I’ll just put the speedway on my list of bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and other establishments in the metro area I no longer go to because of the stupid no-smoking policies.

Oliver Wallen



"No, run the Google. Kansas Speedway is a CREATION of public money"

I'm guessing you would also include Nebraska Furniture, Cabella's, Power and Light, and the West Edge in your list of privately-owned "public" facilities?

About the only recent big project in town that hasn't benefitted from public infrastruture financing is the new Performing Arts Center, and that had the benefit of a few VERY wealthy patrons and a locations already adequately serviced.


"...that society gets to pretty much regulate at will by virtue of the fact that there's a perception of a decrease in public welfare..."

I stick with my original stance. The smoking bans are about a certain segment of the population trying to protect people from themselves. Existing seat belt and helmet laws fall into this category as well, and we're beginning to see fatty foods added to the list across the country.

The problem, of course, is that the "better than you" crowd will eventually decide to target something that YOU enjoy, and at that point, my guess is that your opinion will land on the side of personal liberties.

Pub 17

No, run the Google. Kansas Speedway is a CREATION of public money.

In any case, there's a long list of arguably victimless-crime, freely-entered-into activity (there's an economic term I'm missing at the moment) that society gets to pretty much regulate at will by virtue of the fact that there's a perception of a decrease in public welfare, regardless of individual choice. Try running a still, growing pot don't forget to buy your marijuana excise stamp!), presenting a donkey show, operating a motor vehicle without a tag, insurance, or license, selling smokes to minors, etc., etc.



So you're saying that it would be wrong to ban smoking if it truly fit your definition of "private" business, but that you're okay with it since the speedway benefitted from TIF financing?

Funny, I didn't get that from your initial post. Tell me, exactly how much does a private business have to benefit before they are considered a public facility in your mind?

Pub 17

...poking their noses in someone else's business...we thought that was HILARIOUS in third grade


Could be a new line of work for little people that would come with gov't benefits.

Pub 17

Solomon-the only difference is that you can't pinpoint SBD's.

Google "tax breaks kansas speedway." That's no more a private business than KCI.


"We've finally stood up for the rights of the vast (80%+ and rising) majority of adults..."

...to have things the way THEY want in someone else's PRIVATE establishment. We're not talking about smoking bans in federal buildings or other properties that belong to all taxpayers, we're talking private business.

Post signs, let people know what's going on inside. If they chose to patronize the business, they do so with full knowledge of the risks (which negates the health code & OSHA arguments they like to use).


I can hardly wait for the "Elevator Flatulence Act" being considered to become law.

No smoking outside, what a load of crud.

Pub 17

OK, 100% of kids less the small percentage of yellow-fingered, brown-toothed, nicotine-sucking slow learners who want to make sure they stay repulsive enough to remain virgins till they go to Federal prison.

When you're right, you're right.


Hey, I know kids who smoke, and always have. So it's not 100%, dear Pub.

Pub 17

Oh, stop it, marctnts. It's over. We've finally stood up for the rights of the vast (80%+ and rising) majority of adults, and 100% of kids, to not have to put up with inconsiderate people's "right" to spew carcinogens.


Another victory for the "protect you from yourself" crowd.

mike d

Having been to many races at the speedway, I can't recall anyone smoking in the grandstands. Most smokers, with a few exceptions, are pretty courteous about where they smoke. Since smoking is pretty much banned wherever you go (except KCK), have fun puffing away in your house Oliver. Bummer for you.

Art Chick

Even though I don't like to breathe others' smoke, I agree with you on this one, Oliver.

It should be up to the individual business, and any outside business like the speedway is cutting off its own foot by doing this. They will see when the fiscal year is over, profits have vanished, and there's yet another empty skeleton on the Kansas landscape.

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