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November 22, 2008

Speedway smoking ban

Oliver Wallen (11/14, Letters) calls the smoking ban at Kansas Speedway a joke. I could not agree with him more.

Many taxpaying, money-spending adults smoke. To virtually limit or ban their participation at the speedway as well as the great bars and restaurants in the metropolitan area is stupid. These smoking bans are not good for business or the tax base.

What happened to the saying “Smoking or nonsmoking” — especially at open air-venues like the speedway and the sports complex?

Get real.

Dave Leonard
Kansas City


Pub 17

Dave, fewer than 20% of the adult population now smokes, that percentage is falling, and depending on who you read some huge proportion of that minority wants to quit. It's over. It may surprise you to learn that by survey NASCAR attendees aren't redneck, downstate trailer trash, but middle-class to upper-middle-class, relatively well-educated people, about sixty-forty male, and thus not members of the heavy-smoker demographic.

In other words, get real.

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