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November 02, 2008

Teachers’ retirement fund

As a teacher, I was appalled after reading “Apple for the teacher, but luxury for execs” (10/19, A-1). I spoke to many other teachers about our retirement money being abused.

I cannot tell you how many times I have bragged about feeling financially secure, because I understood my retirement money was well protected.

With the economic crunch going on and having to shell out 13 percent of our monthly paycheck, it is hard for most teachers in the Public School and Education Employee Retirement System. Then we hear board members are using our money to take lavish trips, stay in five-star hotels, drink alcoholic beverages and receive cars with gas.

To reassure members oversight is adequate, M. Steve Yoakum, one of those given a 2009 Camry and paid $253,000 a year, tells us, “We’ve got 200,000 members that are looking over our shoulders all the time.”

Well, Mr. Yoakum, I am one of those members, and this is the first I ever heard about irresponsible board spending.

SaDonna DeVaney
Blue Springs


T. Hanson

This cracks me up... what was the montra back in the 60's? "Don't trust anyone over 30."

Well I say you just elimate the "over 30" from that line when it comes to your retirement.

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