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November 04, 2008

Time to dismantle BPU

I agree completely with Kansas State Sen. Chris Steineger that the Board of Public Utilities should be dismantled (10/28, Opinion, “As I See It: Only solution is to dismantle BPU”). BPU officials have crowed for years about having competitive water and electric rates. Even if that’s true, the public relations price of this out-of-control, never-under-control agency has been too high.

Let’s face it: The BPU is the last big cesspool in what was the swamp of Wyandotte County. Steineger’s plan to sell the electric operations and incorporate the water operation into the Unified Government’s public works department would work.

Mayor Joe Reardon and the Unified Government commissioners should step up and complete the political and economic makeover of Wyandotte County, even if it means putting some friends, relatives and associates out of work at the BPU.

Jim Fitzpatrick
Kansas City



I do know by this time DEC, 2009 that most of you know the BPU is still in order. They are being raped by the UG of Wyandotte County at the rate of 12.5% Payment in PILOT tax. Payment in leiu of taxes. Or PTCUG Payment to Courrupt Unified government

Little Jacko, Dennis, worner and the rest of the GANG BANGERS putting it to each citizen of Wyandotte County,,,,,,,, The clock is ticking and your little bubble will soon burst


If you dismantle BPU, you should dismantle the Unified Government. I'm sure more excess spending and political favors could be found. Clean up the total corruption in Wyandotee County, start at Public Works. The BPU would be in far worst condition under the County's administration of the good ol'boys who could care less about Wyandotte County's future but only what they put in their pockets. The wastewater treatment plant can't pass there own EPA standards.

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