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November 09, 2008

Time to fix 8 years of damage

The gestation period for an elephant is 22 months, or nearly as long as the race to succeed George W. Bush. Unfortunately it may take that long to start fixing the damage — to the dollar, to the national security, to the environment, to America’s standing in the eyes of the world — caused during the last eight years.

In perhaps his most eloquent moment ever, Sen. John McCain started the nation on a road to healing that is long overdue with some very thoughtful remarks in his concession speech. Meanwhile, people around the world celebrate the outcome of our election and look forward to our country returning to its place as a beacon for freedom, hope and justice.

Tracy Leonard
Kansas City



Pub 17
Aren't there other maters to consider? We pay a great deal to the UN. In essence we provide the armed forces for the western world, relieving other countries of much of that that expense. When decisive action is required to date it has been up ti us.

Pub 17

We certainly like to feel that we're altruistic, I'll grant you that. But the fact of the matter is that by the only proxy variable measuring altruism I can think of offhand, financial generosity, the record of this country is dreadful. The amount of aid we give to other countries is larger than any other only by virtue of our being the largest economy in the world; even that number was surpassed by Japan for several years in the nineties. Per person Americans give less aid to other countries than any other industrial nation on the planet. It's hard to see what political or economic gain Norway, France, et al. see coming from their aid to countries like Chad, Haiti, or Rwanda which is far greater per citizen than ours, and is far less likely to consist of military aid vs. humanitarian aid.


Pub 17
Tea and sympathy are nice, but I suspect that most Nations make their policy decisions based on their concept of what best serves their interests. We, on the other hand, may be somewhat more altruistic and we seem to tend to credit this feeling to others.


Off topic, but interesting:

The Star just had another round of firings, and those that got canned include:

Hearne Christopher

Laura Scott

Lee Judge

Here's the link:


Pub 17

Puhleez. "European shackles of statism"? We're part of the world. We're not capable of living in economic isolation, particularly since Bush sold us to the PRC, and we're not capable of imposing our will through military force anymore without bankrupting ourselves. Obama recognizes that, McCain was still talking about knowing how to win a war without ever having done so. I'll stand on, "It's time [for us as a nation] to grow up and join the human race."


My German correspondent in Nuremberg wrote on Nov 6: "The whole world seems to be happy with the decision of the American people. It will be a very long time to repair all the damage caused by President Bush." I agree...
And to all the negative miscreants and conservative n'er-do-wells: President Obama. President Obama. President Obama. Live with it as many of us suffered through Bush II.



Considering all the things against him 53% was more than I thought he'd get.

Heck, there were millions of Americans who disliked McCain but voted for him anyway because they disliked Obama (for a variety of reasons)more.


"It's time to grow up and join the human race."

Nice! Because I don't want to wear the European shackles of statism you call me a child. Intelligent post, as usual, Pub.

By the way, with everything going in favor of Obama in the last election (money, Bush, unpopular war, economy, deficits, rediculously pro-Obama media) he only manages 53% of the vote. Not impressive.


"Who cares what the rest of the world thinks of Amereecuh?"

Cornerstone ideology of the Know-Nothings. Personally, I look forward to being perceived by the international community not as a dumb, unilateral-minded hawk, but a good neighbor.

Pub 17

You probably need to get 'way past the idea that we can "create the best possible country for our citizens" with absolutely no regard for "how many countries like us." "Amerika über Alles" is what got the neo-cons into trouble in the first place. It's time to grow up and join the human race. As it stands we've found that we can't afford as a nation to beat down two pathetic little clots of camelherders at the same time, much less take on a major adversary head-to-head. Now we have to learn to play nice.

Mark Robertson

Sarah Palin criticized President Bush or the spending that went on during the past eight years, just as most all of us conservatives have. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

The fact that we are hated by a bunch of socialists and worse is a sure sign that the U.S. has been mostly on the right track for the last eight years.
The fact is that the U.S. is now respected by the leaders of numerous countries, including Germany, France, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, and most of the other former Soviet satellite countries, and of course Israel and numerous other countries, even including some in the Middle East. Thankyou.

Mark Robertson


"That whiny crap..."

Whoa! I almost thought we had agreed on something, Pub. I initially thought you were talking about the first paragraph in Tracy's letter.

Let's consider that 1st paragraph and what it really says. 1) Obama will fix our dollar by...inflating the currency to cover our current shortfalls and then add a ton of spending with his additional welfare projects which are too big to be offset by the tax increases on the top 5%. 2) Bush jeopardized our national security. I'm not a big fan of Bush (too fiscally socialist for me) but he has done a relatively good job on this one. 3) The environment is worse now? I would like to see objective evidence that America's environment is worse now than 8 years ago. 4) America's standing in the world...this is a useless metric. I am more concerned that we create the best possible country for our citizens than I am about how many countries like us. It is the nature of a country based on independence and personal freedoms to act independently from time to time.


Posted by: renfro | Nov 10, 2008 9:45:20 AM

Thank you, Neville Chamberlain.


The Mayors wife really hates Obama, doesn't she?

Pub 17

Keep it up, renfro. That whiny crap is what defeated McCain and elected Obama. Post frequently with just the same tone and content and we'll all get prepped for a big, blue 2012.


Tracy Leonard’s observation that – “people around the world celebrate the outcome of our election” is valid and deserves to be noted!
Many influential leaders of the world have joined Democrats in celebrating the victory of their presidential candidate.---Iranian President Ahmadinejad has offered congratulations to a U.S. President for the first time since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and Venezuelan Leftist President / Dictator Hugo Chavez’s praise of Obama was flowery enough to resemble a gay marriage. Proposal! -- The overwhelming approval of a “cut and run” solution in Iraq will enable Al- Qaeda to express their compliments to Obama voters after formal diplomatic ties are established in Washington.

Less vocal of the electoral outcome but just as appreciative the Russians will install a few more missile bases in Europe and I’m sure the Chinese will seek a positive settlement of their sometime adversarial relationship with Taiwan.

Pub 17

Watch it, Rogue, even your idol Sarah Palin has dumped on Bush. Keep it up and you'll NEVER have a shot with her. BTW, how's the Original Maverick doing? You know, the 1971 Grabber with the white-letter tires? Can it still hold the entire Energized Base? Call me back at 202-456-1414.


Gosh Tracy how shameful of us to liberate 19 million people, kill tens of thousands of terrorists, keep America safe from attack, and create 29 plus quarters of economic growth only to be foiled by MBS scam created by Dems.

Yessiree lets just wait and see Trac how wonderful things become under your guy.


"...to the dollar, to the national security, to the environment, to America’s standing in the eyes of the world."

Tracy forgot to include that Bush was also responsible for bad drivers, cancer, and male pattern baldness.

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