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November 17, 2008

To ‘Tom from Lee’s Summit’ …

Recently I went to a sandwich shop for lunch. When I was about to pay for my sandwich, the waitress mentioned to me that it had been paid for by the gentleman who had been immediately ahead of me in line. The waitress mentioned to me that this gentleman pays for lunches for other people there quite frequently.

I approached this man to shake his hand and say “thanks so much.” Asking his name, he mentioned to me he was “Tom from Lee’s Summit” and said “God bless you.” I assumed he wanted to not mention his last name and let his act of kindness remain “private” to him.

Immediately after I left there I phoned my wife and shared with her what happened. She called me back a few minutes later and told me someone she worked with had this same thing happen to them by this same gentleman at another restaurant in the town where we live.

To Tom, you left me virtually speechless by this act of kindness, greatly impacted my life and made my day. Thanks, Tom! May God bless you.

God places wonderful people in our lives.

Brian Bell
Nevada, Mo.



And what sort of letter would this be if Tom said, "I am Tom from Lee's Summit. I like to make a effort to improve the lives of others...and I'm an atheist"?

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