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November 19, 2008

Too dependent on foreign oil

Man does not live by bread alone, according to the Good Book. Materially, man has required food, water, salt and, as this century begins, far more oil than is produced here.

Yes, we now must have oil, food, water and salt to survive. For years there was great pride that this country was self-sufficient. In less than 60 years, however, our giant, insatiable thirst for oil has moved rapidly to dependency on any Third World source of oil.

As the gulf wars happened, we were told about all the world’s energy there — supremely important. Do these oil zealots ever see and feel the sun, feel the wind or hear the waves? Do they ever think of our great volume of natural gas, the tremendous trillion tons of coal or our huge annual crop of corn?

Haven’t we had enough of this giant dependency? This country can have energy sufficiency and avoid the trip wires caused by gyrations of Third World countries.

Why chance future trip wires? Ask your leaders to take action now.

Robert Harpster
Warrensburg, Mo.



SUvs are not the problem nor is gasoline the single component of the demand. Do you not realize the other ptero based products that are massively consumed? Hypocrites buying these items daily while pretending to be uber green.


Pub 17
Do you have documentation that the Europeans used their gas tax revenues solely for streets and highways? Or that they determined the amount required to take care of roads and highways and set the gas tax rate to produce that amount? Even we must have had a surplus at times, or so it would appear, as we have a "Highway Trust Fund".

Pub 17

Hardly. They decided to fully allocate the costs of automobile driving to the drivers early on. In the United States the government decided to actively encourage the use of the automobile to decentralize the economy. Given the higher population densities of the European and most other nations rich enough to own automobiles in any quantity, this made considerable sense in both directions. However, in the United States we're now stuck with a much narrow selection of automobiles than the rest of the world (as noted elsewhere today, European cars run the gamut from single-digit mileage, 240-mph Bugatti Veyrons to 75 mpg new-tech diesels; we have only a fraction of the choices in our "free" market economy), a public that demands cheap gas to fuel its absurdly oversized SUV's; and cities wrapped in asphalt at the expense of sensible public transportation modalities.


Pub 17
"Other countries are run by adults, who try to cut consumption by jacking taxes on gas". But the European Countries had high gas taxes before there were any questions about supply and conservation. The governments, true to form, wanted the money and that was the reason they imposed the high taxes.

Pub 17

Quit hyperventilating. Other countries are run by adults, who try to cut consumption by jacking taxes on gas. They sure as hell don't cut taxes to the bone to make sure everybody burns as much fuel as possible.


Good info here for the many that spend more time watching Communist News Network, BET and MTV Cribs.



Regardless of what WE do, other countries are going to consume as they desire. ANother consideration is many consumers do not want to pay market price for something they "feel" entitled to. Amazing how so many of those complaining have no problem with slave labor by Nike. They have no problem buying other petro based products (most not even realizing they are petro-based). If the governemnt wants to pass laws, then simply allow only one television and one computer per household, then BHO can send his CDF around on random intrusions and arrest anyone not in compliance.


News Hound.

Actually, our domestic demand is around 21M bbl per day. While we have sufficient undeveloped reserves to allow us to be energy independent in the medium term (i.e 5 to 10 years), my concern is that we would be screwed after that. 5 to 10 years is not nearly enough time to ween us off of oil and develop other energy sources. That is not even enough time to get a nuclear plant on line.

KC news Hound

Yeah who cares if we set aside that land as a reservation we want it back now. Fact is we don't have enough oil reserves to make a difference. It would have to be billions of barrels a day. The era of cheap energy is over soon what have we done with it?


Generally a good letter but a few corrections. 1) We were never "self-sufficient" and 2) CNG, coal and wind are the only viable alternatives. Bio-fuels and solar are a pipe dream. I like the fact, though that the prime goal of his letter is to become less dependent on foreign countries and that he doesn't focus on the unrealistic and unnecessary pipe dream of zero CO2 production.

Pub 17

Cab-over roller skate, pretty good. Have some more coffee.


Oh, gosh did you notice the increase in prices outside of fuel Pubes? Did you see any fuel "surcharges" idiot?

The price of gasoline damned near ruined us thanks to your dorkwads who won't let us develop our own reserves.

I don't care if you drive a cab over roller skate, you will pay for $4.00 a gallon gasoline one way or another. Oops, wait, I am sorry I am speaking of economics, whick I know is confusing for you......

Pub 17

A couple of months ago I was driving a nice little beater that gets 37 on the highway, same as I do today, because I like to keep my manly bits in my WalMart Rustlers®, not parked in the driveway. So I don't worry about it. Enjoy your V-10 F-350, Frag.


Gosh Pubes, I guess you did not pay $4.00 a gallon a couple of months ago, and I guess you are going to guarantee it will never go up again becuase of simple supply and demand considerations. What a freaking moron.

Pub 17



Drill here and drill now.

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