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November 04, 2008

Upscale mortgage fraud case

Thanks to those who brought justice to those responsible for this local mortgage-fraud case (10/30, A-1, “17 indicted in upscale mortgage fraud case”).

I would like to see some of the money from the $700 billion rescue plan be used to help get people back into homes that were lost to illegal foreclosures, help people to stay in their houses and compensate some of the homeowners in neighborhoods where their house values were lowered by these illegal foreclosures.

I would like Sen. Claire McCaskill and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver to help Missourians to achieve the above goals.

Betty K. Lusby
Village of Loch Lloyd



"...help get people back into homes that were lost to illegal foreclosures,..."

I haven't seen anything about this. Have there been incidents of owners being foreclosed upon when not in arrears and not according to the strict requirements of "real property" laws? Or does Ms. Lusby's definition of "illegal" include lawful foreclosures in situations where she thinks people should have had a second chance?

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