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November 20, 2008

Veteran appreciates kindness

On Veterans Day, I was at a retirement luncheon at Hometown Buffet in Independence, along with other persons who had retired from this company. The function was held in the private room.

About halfway through lunch two ladies entered the room and were going from table to table inquiring whether people sitting there were military veterans and what branch they had been in. When one of the ladies stopped at my table and asked if I was a veteran, I told her I had been in the Army. She handed me an envelope that said “Honored Army Veteran.” Inside the card said, “Dear Friend, we will be forever grateful for your courageous service and countless sacrifices. God bless you.”

They had signed their first names on the card. I hope I don’t embarrass them by repeating their names, but I want people to know about their very kind and thoughtful gesture. Someone asked them if they represented a special group and they said no, that they were doing this on their own.

They had also put a ten-dollar bill in each card. They passed out about 10 cards in the room.

Thank you and God bless you, Evelyn and Marcia.

Reg Hill
Oak Grove


concerned citzen

Mr. Hill great story. I put 20 yrs into the Navy and it is nice that vets get these thank yous, it hasn't been that way all the time but I think most of us realize that doing our duty is what we signed up for.

a note for nomoremrniceguy; you are a very angry person and should get treatment asap, liberals served right along side me and did as much for this country as most of the other veterans; you seem to thing they don't deserve as much because they are liberal. We fought and did our duty so all had the freedom to speak up and live their lives as they want most vets don't ever forget that; so get over yourself, your politics belong on another story there a plenty of sites that would appreciate your thoughts.


It's worth everything to most of us and we appreciate your sacrifices, on the other hand commmie liberals like Michael Moore hate veterans and would relish watching you DIE!


I understand where you're coming from, Viet-Vet, but the fact remains that those who volunteer to served our country (including yourself) do so knowing the possibility of going to war is always there, and that's worth a lot to the rest of us.


It is a sad day when we minimize the contributions of those who provide a service to our nation, whether as a military veteran or in other endeavors.

Saying "thank you" is not "hero worship" it is simple courtesy.


Vet, you expressed exactly how I feel about this. I never served (tried to, but...) so I can't speak with authority, but I'd think if I did I would be embarrassed by overt spectacle of appreciation.


I guess veteran-worship is a logical result when the country is threatened. But let's face it ... most veterans were never called on for heroism or big sacrifices. The vast majority of veterans enlisted voluntarily, held a boring job for a few years, then got out and began sucking up veterans benefits.

I am honored I was able to serve my country, and I'm rewarded each morning when I wake up in America. I don't need kind-hearted but misinformed people treating me like some kind of hero.

The heroes I know came home in cheap aluminum caskets and get a flag by their headstone on Memorial Day.


Thanks for passing that on Mr. Hill, what a great report, my thanks too to Evelyn and Marcia.

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