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November 17, 2008

Voters’ ‘diversity test’

Lewis Diuguid writes that “Missouri sided with McCain, but America passed the diversity test” (11/12, Opinion, “For every American, a time of celebration”). I read the full commentary several times to see if I was missing something but came up with the same conclusion each time.

Apparently, by voting for McCain, I either do not understand diversity, do not want diversity or it must be a racial issue that I did not vote for Obama. I take offense to this blanket Diuguid has thrown over those of us who did not pass his “diversity test” simply because we voted based on our basic principles and political ideals regarding many serious issues.

It will be difficult to sit my family down and explain to our six children, four of whom are white and two who are African-American, that Dad failed the “diversity test.”

Steve O’Neill
Kansas City



Good point Engineer, i am familiar with them from television interviews in the case of Malkin and Krautie from TV and when I used to read columnists.

As far as the President, although you have engaged in wordplay like the Evian and such, you have not used derogatory names" like "yomama" and "jomama" like that a-hole Rogue. I have no problem with criticizing a President for his acts (I feel the war in Iraq is misguided and that Bush sold out the American public to the credit card companies)but no way should personal attacks fly unremarked.


As you profess never to read columnists how do you know "Malkin and Krautwhatever all are space takers and not worth the time of day."? As to respect, it's due the office, not necessarily the occupant. In the Army I always respected the uniform but not necessarily the uniform's wearer. As to the Presidency, I will respect the office but will feel free to express my opinions of the occupant’s actions


Wow ROugy. You like Charles Krauthammer, huh? I do as well but I get the feeling you do not read him very much or too closely. You do realize he is a synidcated NYT columnist who advocates taxing the hell out of gasoline in an effort to curb demand, right?


Excellent post, Gary!



You took the same oath I did once upon a time, and it included respect for our commander in chief. I for one, am sick of you disrespecting the mans name with your Jomama and Yomama comments. Call this man his name you traitorous meathead.

You did not take an oath to a President you agreed with, you took an oath to the office with all the respect it deserves. unless something slipped by me, you never renounced that oath when you were discharged. Your refusal to accept this man, who was elected according to our laws, make you a traitorous piece of crap no better than an Ayers or Wright, and I'll remind you every time you disrespect him.


You know Gary I sent Louie the Whiner an email after one of his diversity rants. To wit, I said, "Louis I want to see some 6 foot tall white power forwards in the NBA. Can you name just one!? Hell I know they have a rotten vertical, probably can't even touch net, but darnit man!? I mean in the name of diversity??!!"

Louie to his credit replied "I'll have to get back to you on that."


With Duiguid it's all about race, all the time. However, to give him some credit, he serves as a living example of the principle that diversity, without merit, adds no value.


Keep on keepin on Michele Malkin, and Charles K you absoutely rock! You drive the little moonbats berserko! Please nail Jomama a few more times this month!

Who the hell reads "Louie the Whiner" anyway? I use him to filet crappie on Steve.


It's Lewis Doo-good. What did you expect?

And yeah, solomon is right. As long as he keeps saying things stupid enough to garner a reaction and people keep reacting, he gets extra-credit for the attention.



If no one read Lewis he'd go away. Every letter showing he hit a nerve gives him strength come contract time.

LD, Malkin and Krautwhatever all are space takers and not worth the time of day.

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