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November 05, 2008

We’ve come a long way, maybe?

As I was driving home last Friday, I was sexually harassed by men in a roofing company vehicle who made a gesture depicting oral sex when they passed me.

When I called the company to complain that their employees were sexually harassing women on the highway, I was informed that it would be “mentioned to the guys.”

When I pressed further, the company representative hung up on me.

This is no unique incident, only peculiar in that these men did not consider the company information on their windshield to be a deterrent.

They assumed that they could get away with it because I would dismiss their threat as just another part of my day.

How bittersweet to see women as contenders for our country’s highest offices and still live with the normalcy of sexual harassment in our everyday lives.

Will we accept violence as normal life?

Jane M. Webb
Kansas City



If that had happened to me, and the company reps had hung up on me when I complained, I would have logged onto my Angieslist account and written a report on them. Hit them where it hurts. What despicable behavior.




"When I pressed further, the company representative hung up on me."

What else did you want? A promise that the guys would be disciplined (which probably wouldn't happen anyway). If you still felt that you "deserved more", you should have called the police and filed a complaint (and seen how far that would get). Vote with your dollars and don't give them business.

And yeah, I think that the guys in the truck were jerks.

Pub 17

Sometimes I think Petticoat Lane in downtown is a cute little bit of nostalgia, sometimes not.


you got it all wrong. This is all Obama's fault. obama and his liberal media and liberal elitist policies caused these men to regress into cavemen type people ruining the moral fabric of society.


It would have been nice if the name of the company could have been published. I don’t want people like that working at my home.

But, not to excuse their actions, to call their disgusting behavior “violence” is to diminish the real brutality suffered by women every day.


February 27, 1923. "Miss Alice Reighly, 1409 Harvard Street, president of Anti-Flirt Club, which has just been organized in Washington, D.C., and will launch an 'Anti-Flirt Week' beginning March 4. The club is composed of young women and girls who have been embarrassed by men in automobiles and on street corners."


Everything old, becomes new again.

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