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November 06, 2008

Where’s Obamas’ other daughter?

How could The Star be so rude as to not print a picture of the entire newly elected first family in Wednesday’s paper? (11/5, A-1, “History”). Certainly another photo could have been used to give the entire family of four the proper recognition they deserve. I think the photo editor has really fallen short on this one, even though the picture is credited to Pablo Martinez Monsivais of the Associated Press.

Just think how it would feel to be one of the first daughters and not be included in the family picture.

Ron McCorkle
Kansas City


Pub 17

I'm cleaning up my act, so I no longer say things about significant others with one-way valves and heat-welded seams. But I DO think them.


I think Rougy wants you to be a woman so he can fantasize about having "angry sex" with you in his bunker.....eeewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

Pub 17

Naw, I'm just particularly irritated by dullards who still fantasize about how cool it would have been if somebody'd gotten a tele shot of Obama coming out of a motel with his zip at half mast. It's just not fair--he MUST have some illegitimate kids somewhere, he MUST have been nailing some staffer, he MUST have been unfaithful to his wife, and WE JUST COULDN'T CATCH HIM AT IT.

Rogue-how do you know what my sex is? For your information, I'm a lesbian, trapped in a man's body.


Wow, that's mean even for you Pub 17. I thought we were all now supposed to be sensitive and caring.


Why Cybil you are so unkind, you would think a mattress tester who followed troop trains would be a little more kind to a member of her sex.


Why Cybil, how unkind, particularly for someone who follows troop trains. BTW one leaving Fr. Leonard Wood, at 3 this afternoon, if you hustle you might make it!

Pub 17

's OK, Arminius, Palin's gone back to Moose Meat, AK to sort out which are hers, which are her kids', and who the fathers are.


Hey Yomama shooed them off the stage, and made the only acceptance speech in history without the family present. Interesting.


I wouldn't be surprised if more than one Obama child was left out of the picture.


The last time I checked, it wasn't the media's job to be "concerned" about a periphery individuals feelings.

BTW - I doubt Obama's daughter regularly reads the Star, so I'd bet her feelings are "safe and sound".

Stupid letter.....

T. Hanson

:) Nice,
Yea, I have a feeling 10 years from now the daughter will write a book about the trama caused by not having her photo in the Kansas City Star on the November 5th edition.

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