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November 15, 2008

Will work for living wage

It’s 5:45 p.m., and the CBS “Evening News” isn’t over yet. The lead story was that the unemployment rate just hit a 14-year high at 6.5 percent and is projected to rise to 8 percent in 2009. Wrong! I’m 61 and have been looking for a full-time job paying a living wage for three years. I’m off the radar for these statistics, as are many others.

During my three-year search I have been told, “unofficially ” of course, that hiring managers and decision-makers are looking only for those under 40. Heaven forbid you have a gray hair. An unemployment counselor told me I would not be able to find a job. Maybe so, but I’m not quitting and don’t intend to use Grecian Formula 44.

To those hip-hop decision-makers, hire me or accept the fact you’ll be paying higher taxes to support me. I have no desire to go on Social Security. I want to work now and beyond 65.

Oh yes, I show up on time Mondays, Fridays and after concerts.

Tony Bradley



We have a long ways to go before we hit that number. There also were not the resources avialable back then as there are now, i.e. the internet and an indoctrinated consumer base that will some how find moeny to spend on ignorant wants. Just offer them some worthless widget, real or unreal and they will buy it. The unemployed sitting around playing PS3 and XBox 360 via broadband, how genuinely touching.


In the depths of the Great Depression, 75% of Americans WERE EMPLOYED!!!


Tony it is unfortuante that the biased media looks at the statistics single sided.
The better way to look at the employment statistic is that 93.5% of Americans ARE EMPLOYED. That would be graded as an "A" by academic standards, same goes for the mortgage "crisis", 93.5% of Americans that have mortgages pay on time. As for your wanting to work, good for you, that is your choice. Unfortunately many employers are biased against age. There many jobs available, in spite of what the media and Obama claim. Your skill set will have some play on the situation, check with a company in Kansas that just made a major acquisition and can not find enough qualified people. http://www.kiewit.com/

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