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December 13, 2008

All roads should lead to beauty

I see the “green” initiatives listed on MoDot’s Web site, but conspicuously missing is roadway design. There is nothing more wasteful (and ugly) than unnecessarily blasting away tons of rock (as we’ve done in the Ozarks) so that a roadway can be a laser-beam constant slope and straight as an arrow. Neither is necessary, and neither is elegant design.

Our engineers should be looking at grades in three dimensions and working with the contours instead of simply connecting point A to point B.

Curbing waste in times of declining resources makes good sense in strictly economical terms, but recognizing and working to preserve beauty that already exists really should just be a matter of course.

Aaron Dougherty
Kansas City


Stifled Freedom

I should say "Wwhy can't there be multiple access points form the parking lot to the street without going through this bad intersection?"

Stifled Freedom

Few new roads are being made now. Most are expansions of existing roads where easements and right-of-way have already been obtained. Building curvy roads would require a lot more political wrangling to overcome the "not in my backyard" effect of public construction projects.

I think the grade limitations are all legislated into law for traffic flow and fuel consumption reasons. They build it just about the only way they can.

Aaron, apparently forgot about the consumption of fuel on the road after construction is complete. That probably accounts for more usage of resources than the limited construction period.

As long as we are on road construction. I hate the way they build these new shopping area parking lot...like the Legends. They funnel all the incoming and outgoing traffic down a lane to one congested, overly busy intersection. There is no stop light there. Just a stop sign. Stupid. These intersection is a source of frustration for everyone and it incites accidents because people rush and hurry to get through it. Everyone knows it a mess. They still seem to be building them this way. Someone needs to tell them that it does not work. There cannot be multiple direct access points to the parking lot from the street without going down this lane.

And another thing. No more traffic circles.


Typical enviro whacko...Listen Aaron old pal, which type of grade do you think uses the most carbon creating fuels? You want us to have the semis climbing up mile long hills belching exhaust, or do you want to cut a path throught those suckers?

Typical green weenie never stops to think about the consequences of their proposed actions.

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