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December 21, 2008

Allow smoking? Why not asbestos?

A.P. Lane (12/11, Letters) says business owners should get to decide whether to allow smoking.

I have this analogy. Asbestos in ceiling tile is known to cause cancer, right? As a business owner, should I have the right to put asbestos-laden ceiling tile in my establishment since perhaps it’s cost effective and the perfect texture? It’s my business, and I’m the property owner, correct?

Oh, that’s right — it’s been proved to be carcinogenic and, in fact, would create a health issue for my employees and customers alike.

Thus, I’m not allowed to do this by law.

Suzie Warren
Lake Winnebago



It has never been demonstrated that incidental contact with ETS such as eating in a restaurant or drinking in a bar where smoking is permitted has had adverse health effects on previously healthy persons. Likewise it has never been demonstrated that even living in a house with asbestos ceiling tiles has caused illness. Actually working in a plant manufacturing the tile is one thing, the tile in place is another.

Pub 17

Stupid and childish. Go sit in the corner with Mr. Nice Guy.


If we are going to let the government decide, let's put all children in government homes, let the gov keep them save from pollution,educate/indoctrinate them as it wishes, with parents allowed only a one hour birthday visit per year.
Then we know our children have the best protection from our choices??????????????


It is inspiring that so many of us agree that a person’s right to do what they want to their body extends only to the point that they do not harm anyone else.

Pub 17

That's nasty, stone.
I'm going to steal that line and claim it as my own.


if we are letting business owners decide, why not let them keep their business open all night and serve alcohol all night? Screw the 3 am (in mo) and 2 am in KS curfews for bars.

Pub 17

Cigarettes are not essential to anyone but an addict and the livelihoods of the lobbyists who keep them legal. Cars are not only essential to any way of life we can imagine or achieve without multitrillion dollar expenditures--go to EL and picture Hays without cars and trucks--but have radically reduced the pollutants in our lifetimes, and are now on the street with ZERO pollutants. Come up with a zero-emissions cigarette and I'll let you sit right next to me in the finest restaurant in town and puff away like a steam engine.


Pub 17
You avoid the issue. The letter writer is a hypocrite. Cars cause 100 times more pollution than cigarettes. She should park her car 2 days a week before asking "others" to clean the air.

GCYL wrote a good comment.

---"GCYL defends the right of parents to inflict permanent health problems on their children""---
Obesity kills more people than cancer.
Should we ban parents from taking children to Burger King?

Burgers are legal, so are cigarettes. If either is dangerous to children make them illegal to sell or possess.


And Pub continues his crusade to convince everyone that it's ALWAYS best for the government (or someone else) to do your thinking for you. I guess this makes blaming everyone else when things go wrong easier.

No one's talking about a minefield (which indicates UNSEEN risk). What I'm advocating is allowing individuals, after being informed of the risk (like a big sign on the door), to make their own decisions. Yeah, some will make bad ones, but I'd rather deal with the consequences of bad decisions than not be allowed the right to make my own.

This would be a good place to tell us again how it's not an individual's job to understand their own budget, but rather the banker's responsibility.

Pub 17

Oh, goody.

GCYL defends the right of parents to inflict permanent health problems on their children and refers to others as "illiterate" while proving him/herself incapable of composing a coherent sentence.

Marctnts continues his/her crusade to ensure that all must consider every step they take outside their own homes a minefield, which it is their responsibility to study in detail and with complete expertise or risk losing life and limb due to their own laziness.

EL, taking up smoking is entirely optional. You can also choose to live in a society without motor vehicles, of course: I suggest the Kalahari Desert or San Francisco.


“Just once, let anti smoking zealots propose banning all car emissions and I will think they are serious.” - EL

Personally I take extremist at their face value. The illiterate majority has all ready defended laws preventing smoking in cars when children are present and have supported laws that would ban smoking at homes where children are present.


A typical letter from the illiterate majority and another letter printed by the Star based on its entertainment value.


Marctnts Good points.

To take her point further, does she drive a car, eat at McDonalds, wear high heels?
All these cause health problems.
.I can see banning smoking in public places
but if a business wants to have smoking and places prominent signs, they should have that right, and people could choose to not work or shop their.
Smoking is dumb but dumism is a constitutional right. Just once, let anti smoking zealots propose banning all car emissions and I will think they are serious.




There's just a couple of problems with your analogy, Suzie.

1. I'm not sure where you'd but those asbestos ceiling tiles, since they're ILLEGAL (BTW, cigarettes are not).

2. Suppose you could buy asbestos tiles, if you had a way to clearly identify them to patrons and employees, then yeah, put them in. If the danger is readily identifiable, then patrons and employees should be free to make their own choice. That's why we have health codes, because the danger of not following these rules is NOT readily identifiable to common patrons.

So, put a sign on the door that says "Warning, Asbestos Tiles Inside". If people still choose to patronize your business, great, if not, well then that's too bad. You have provided the information to let people make their own choice.

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