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December 29, 2008

Birth certificates are important

A letter in The Star by Elizabeth McNamara (12/10), suggests that Barack Obama’s birth certificate isn’t important.

Her signature indicates she lives in Missouri, so she is in for a surprise at the Missouri license bureau when or if she renews her driver’s license. You have to present a plethora of paperwork showing you are alive and have been born.

Jim Schmitt



Danny, the problem remains the gang mentality as a whole. Whether it be Rep or Dem, both are so damn closed minded. Charles Manson could have run on the Dem ticket and he would have been guranteed a win. The Repubs really screwed themselves as they come of stale and antiquated. They used Gov. Palin as their scapegoat. Sorry, McCain is boring and showed little vigor. Obama could have been reading nrusery rhymes, the crowds would be awe. We will see what he does, what's the worst that could happen? Nationalism like China? Let's hope then we can all have the SAME sized bowl of government rice.


casady I understand and that sounds fine for single folks, when you have chidlren who wants to have room mates. I remember my mother had several room mates during my chidl hood and it always ended up in conflict of some sort. So no one has a car in DC, NYC, or SF? Wow! That is amazing. I did not realize that. Pollution should be to minimum in those citites then, especially Los Angeles as they have a really good RTD. Not everyone goes through the cookie cutter, "I finished mu undergrad" scenario either. I have a sister in the LA area, they paid $411,000 for a two BR fixer upper, she is a teacher and makes about $52k a year I think is what she said with her credential and she has a graduate. her hubby is a mechanic amd makes like $40k a year. Combined they barely make due, although they are content. Different strokes for different folks is all I am saying. The Midwest is a good bang for the buck.


I have voted Republican since I was allowed to vote, however this year I chose to vote independent. All the energy being consumed in hunting down this birth certificate issue could be spent trying to figure out what went wrong with our party and why we were blown away in the last election. When time and website space is taken up with ridiculous issues such as the Obama birth certificate it is no wonder the Democrats won so easily. As far as it being unconstitutional do you really think the American people being lied to about a war at the cost of over 4,000 lives is constitutional? If it was why was no one held accountable for this fatal mistake? As a former Republican lets quit this nonsense and lets also stop assuming the American people are stupid. They are well aware our current war and the lack of accountability was one of the most unconstitutional things to happen in American history. I ask you to please stop focusing on this nonsense and start focusing on building the party back up the right way. Without the same garbage we have seen for the last 8 years. If this does not happen I am truly afraid the Republican party winning any elections will be a thing of the past. I know not all Republicans out there don't see what is really happening.


I think people, particularly young people in SF, NY or DC are more resourceful. In KC, you typically get an $750 a month apt with that first $40K job. In DC, you rent a house with 3 of your friends. At least that is what we did. Also, many places in NY, DC andSF are rent control and are passed on from tenant to tenant. This is why you comb the obits to find a good apartment (a ritual that is probably foriegn to most Kansas Citians). Plus recognize that while rent for a 2 BR may be $3,000 a month, you really don't need a car in the aforementioned cities so between car payment, insurance, gas, etc., you would are foregoing a $500 per month expense.

Bottom line is you make it work. When I got out of undergrad, I had a very nice house in Chevy Chase, MD with 2 roomates. We were close to everything and only needed one car between us. Perhaps your place may not be nearly as nice as what you may find in Joco for the same money, but you have NY or DC or SF at your disposal vs., well, Johnson County.


Casady I agree with you except for the fac that those cities do not pay 3 or even 4 times as much as say the KC Metro. I used to live in Los Angeles and understand how much the cost of living was there. I have afriend that lives in the DC area, she had a hard time making it on $55k per year.
It's baffling how people live in some of the coastal cities on less than $200k per year. Considering most jobs in SF probably do not pay $25 an hour or better, how do people afford it? In this I am truly dumbfounded.


Right, they are high in terms of cost of living. They are also high in terms of per capita income as well. They pretty much wipe Joco off the map.

Of course Denver has bad sections but I am referring to the revitalization of Lower Downtown, or Federal Hill in Balt. or the U St. corridor in DC. These were all revitalize through grass roots efforts, not by offering tax breaks to Ted's Montana Steak House but you do hit the nail on the head with your transit comment. Over a 20 year period, most of the neighborhoods that transitioned for the better were on a metro stop.


Ah, the "fake" birth certificate again?

I'm almost certain even Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have given up on this one, but you tell 'em Jim. Keep the flame alive!!

** Yawn **


Revitalzing (face lift) does not change the average persons attitude nor income. I undestand what you are saying, however all of the cities you mention are ridiculously high in regards to cost of living. I spend a fair amount of time in Denver, it is also has bad parts of the city like any other. DT is pretty nice though for the most part. However, they also are experiencing the downside of too much expansion. One toen that comes to mind that has a pretty neat DT is Lousiville. Again, KC is a decent place to live howver DT is not efficient and our transportation blows. Demver, DC, SF, Boston, all have good public transit which helps drive traffic. I can stay in a say Englewood,CO and take the RTD to Coor Fields for $6.


You are absolutely correct! Birth certificates are very important. Anybody that will argue the point of this would have to be IGNORANT.


While this is off thread, NMMNG, I have to disagree with your comments regarding the casino as a more efficient means to reviving the urban core. While your idea makes sense in terms of tax dollars, I really don't think it would revive the urban core as a livable space. You frequently comment on the clientelle that frequents the casinos and I agree with based on what I see walking through the place to the occassional Voodoo Lounge show. It's a less than desirable element that, if anything would take away from the desire to move downtown.

Every city I've lived in besides here (NY, SF, Baltimore/DC, Denver) has seen once depleted neighorhoods revitalized into vibrant livable communities. It was not done by pumping tax breaks at major corporations to set up big box restaurants and Hard Rocks. It was done by offering incentives to residents and small business owners who were ready to take the plunge. I see the way this city screwed Stretch from Grinders when he was struggling to open the Crossroads live music venue. It was then I realized that KC does not have a clue.


We now know what you do for a living, you're a beach bum. You probably have a really cool cardboard sign.

Pub 17

Actually I'm going to go out on the Nimitz and enjoy the benefits of MY hard work, which is going to include a run up to Stinson Beach today and maybe a little further up the coast. I dunno. In any case try getting an education over and above how to debug the software for an electronic doorbell.


Man you are denial freak. You made a comment about my wife, I responed.
Actually thinking about it, you should go look up my ex-wife, she accepts several forms of payment, I think she even accepts EBT so you're in luck. She probably has a pretty booked schedule I would imagine, so you might have to wait in line. Yeah I am racist. I shoudl tell you the latest cracker joke and throw in an autographed book by Al Sharpton whom we know has never madde a racist commment in his life. Just like so many vote for a candidate based strictly on race, that is not racist either.
Now go hide in your cubicle and start Googling.


Casady you have me all wrong, I agree you catch me on my cranky days. It makes good to have tourism however with that there are also downsides. The revenue and jobs are great and mingling with others is great. It does not go against my credo, i spend the majority of my life on the road on business meeting people from all facets of life and places. I only hope to have the opportunity to start traveling international soon for my company as I look forward to visiting all the countries that are so much better than the United States, hopefully learn what they are doing that makes everyone in the world want to move to their nation.
KC is backwards, they should have put the casinos DT and then expanded all the lofts and new buuildings. It would have made more sense than "riverboat" BS. Of course no smoking legislation stalls business regardless of what the tilted reports claim. I do not smoke either.


What a stupid law and one likely to be overturned in the next century. Hey. I enjoy being white as much as the next honky/hunky, but times are a changing guys.

Just wait, those beads you see in taxi cabs will one day provide comfort in the oval office executive chair.


"Who cares about tourist status of a city, personally I would hate to live in a big tourist city. Plain, lame, vanilla Midwest is fine."

To each his own I suppose. I like it here as well now that I am older but the lack of growth in the KC metro area and the failure to revitalize downtown at an acceptable pace is directly correlated to the fact that this is not exactly a desination for young professionals from other parts of the country who are essential to the revitalization of any urban area.

As for tourism, tourism brings people who spend money which creates jobs and growth. While I assume xenophobes like yourself are perfectly content with plain vanilla Midwest, I like to think that our survival as a species depends on interacting and developing an understanding of other peoples. I know that goes against your credo NMMNG so I guess it's best for society in general if you just stay put, particularly on your more surly days.

Pub 17

Just keeping my remarks in the sickening racist language you seem to enjoy so much. And YOU brought your wife into the conversation, moron.


Flattering Pubic, my wife, sure thing loser. You aSSume she is Asian? What a retard, my wife would kick your butt all over the place. She is a great wife and a great mother. I am confident she would not stoop so low if she were to be a cheater, to select an umemployed Google addict like yourself. As far as SF foes, fine place to visit and a really neat city, however it is full of weirdos just like Los Angeles.
Who cares about tourist status of a city, personally I would hate to live in a big tourist city. Plain, lame, vanilla Midwest is fine. The cost of living here is decent.
Having to see the dipstick Nancy P on television is enough, living in her neck of the woods would be painful, especially when she flys over in her private taxpayer funded 737.


"17 Pubes is in her heaven out there in the land of fruits and nuts, she should fit right in."

Say what you want about SF Rougy but it bneats the hell out of your little armpit of America (East Jackson County).

I don't see Blue Springs topping the list list of international tourist destinations anytime soon.

Pub 17

No, I've got an appointment this morning with...with...oh, here it is, your wife. I like that, "Preeze! Preeze!" thing she does.

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