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December 04, 2008

Black Friday exposes dark side of humanity

Black Friday truly seems like a black day to me this year.

Who needs to bring loaded weapons to a Toys “R” Us? (11/30, A-2. “Toy store shooting followed fight”) And the gangsters open fire and kill each other? I understand that they weren’t raised to respect their own lives, but what about those innocent children at the toy store?

A bargain at Wal-Mart is so great that it’s worth trampling a store employee to get? (11/29, A-5, “Wal-Mart worker killed in stampede”) And the shoppers were outraged that they were being asked to leave before making their purchases “only” because a store employee was killed in the stampede? Do we just blame it on not having enough coffee because it’s so early in the morning?

If the thrill of saving a few dollars on luxuries we probably can’t afford or don’t need is greater than the value of human life, we need to reconsider our priorities. Is our society as a whole missing the true spirit of the holidays? Is our greed taking control? Is it a bargain if we lose all of our own goodness? Can Congress provide a bailout for our lack of good judgment and morality?

Valerie Simpson
Overland Park

“I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have false gods before me.”

The shootout at Toys “R” Us in California, the trampling death at Wal-Mart in New York and myriad other examples of greed and gluttony on Black Friday from coast to coast leave no doubt that our society worships the false god of the almighty dollar.

God have mercy on us.

Kim Wetzel-Williams
Kansas City, Kan.


Pub 17

And at concerts, sporting events, and celebrity appearances the organizers provide crowd control, check for weapons and alcohol, and in general take responsibility for the attractive nuisance they've created. What's your point? If people did right, think of all the money we could save on cops.


This type of behavior happens outside of Black Friday. Concerts, sporting events, celebrity appearnces. It is part of our selfish and superficial character as a society. We have done this to ourselves, not Wal-Mart.


Speaking of the dark side of humnanity, Black Friday and Walmart, someone cloned my Mastercard number and went on a Black-Friday shopping spree at a Walmart in Northlake, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. Talk about adding insult to injury. I've never set foot in a Walmart and wouldn't shop there if they were giving stuff away. To see Walmart charges on my statement was unsettling on a couple of levels.

Pub 17

ENOUGH, already. Genocide continues in Darfur and civil war continues to kill millions in the Congo. My bald spot's getting bigger and I think those idiots at WalMart cross-threaded the drain plug on my last oil change. Find something new, people.

T. Hanson

"Black Friday exposes dark side of humanity.."

Wow, what a headline, Figured I would see something about the Nazi's or Stalin or genocide.

Even though the deaths are tragic, I don't think it ranks up there of the darkest side of humanity. I am sure we will see that the shooting at the "Toys R Us" was not a random incident, but a planed attack on a certain group of individuals. Unlike the mall shootings or the terrorist attack in India (which deserves this headline more IMO).

And the Walmart incident, well that was caused by mob rule. Not to be excused, but the pushing people were all part of an act made by Walmart each year caused by having 3 laptops for $300.


Lets keep a little perspective people. Just because there exists some bad behavior in some of our citizens is no reason to put on the sack cloth and ashes. Jeez.

We could have experienced a terrorist attack that killed 174 innocents in India, some of them Americans. I suggest your concern is better directed at this threat than the 10% of the country who are idiots.

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