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December 09, 2008

Breastfeeding baby at a party

Jan Landon’s article “Good guest, bad guest” (12/7, House + Home) made some good points made that might have an impact on party guests who are unaware of their faux pas. But I was disheartened when I read the comments about breastfeeding being “inappropriate” at a party. Women need to be encouraged to breastfeed for so many reasons, including raising healthier and smarter babies.

Negative comments, especially with sexual implications such as the quote from event planner Lynette Lee about a breastfeeding party guest (“The men seemed to like it, but a lot of women did not”), can be discouraging.

Many breastfeeding moms retreat to bathroom stalls and closets to hide from gazing eyes.

Many formal gowns and wedding dresses show more cleavage than nursing moms do.

Sarah Wallbaum
Prairie Village


Pub 17



Maybe we need a breast feeding social program.

Stifled Freedom

"Many formal gowns and wedding dresses show more cleavage than nursing moms do."

But it does not show the nipple because it would be legally considered obscene! A lousy comparison. To give a pass on obscenity laws for breastfeeding sets a bad precedent. We will have women topless all over the place and abusing this privilage.

I think it's appropiate to cover it with a towel or blanket. There is no downside to that. It works. No reason not to use it.

I was in Strouds the other day and a woman was breast feeding with a big blanket over her. I didn't even realize what was going until someone told. She was very discrete and I appreciated that. I am a man and I dont want to see it in public.


There are many ways for a mother to breastfeed without being exposed. Like this letter mentioned, doing it in the restroom or other unoccupied room, putting a towel or blanket over the child while feeding, etc.


I'm sorry, but I am not at all comfortable with breastfeeding moms who seem to think they can bare their breasts in public simply because there's an infant at the other end. There are numerous options for breastfeeding in private, and I wish all nursing moms would use them.

T. Hanson

I don't know.. I mean I agree with the letter writer saying it should be a "No big deal" issue. But on the other hand I just don't think there are that many comfortable with it.

Sorry for the other pop referance, but didn't "Married with Children" have a good episode about this? Wow.. I watch too much TV.

Art Chick

everything women do in this country is gauged on a sexual scale. Is it sexy enough? too "sexy"? To all of you half-wits who are tittilated by a woman taking care of her baby naturally, I say: Stop looking at her and trying to find something sexual in a completely non-sexual act, ya perv!

Aren't women--and their bodies--put here for USEFUL things, other than just to please the oglers???!!
The lady who wrote the article is likely jealous.


When I traveled and served in Third World countries I was - at first - amazed by women breast-feeding in public. But the mothers acted as if it was perfectly natural and the locals paid no attention. So it became an unremarkable part of the cultural scenery.

I thought it was just common sense when breast-feeding began to catch on in America. Now I'm disgusted by how some of us try to hide the feeding of infants.

She's feeding her baby, you half-wits. It's good for her, the baby and anybody interested in health. Nothing could be more appropriate.

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