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December 29, 2008

Capitol Visitor Center a colossal waste

Let me get this straight: $621 million divided by 580,000 thousand square feet equals $1,070.68 per square foot to build the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington (12/26, A-1). This is a gross waste of taxpayer money.

How much was used from contractors who made political contributions to members of Congress? Again, the people of America got ripped off by the bailouts of Wall Street, the auto industry and banks, and pork.

Wake up, America. Spending is out of control, and you and I are suffering the most.

Joe Parizek
Overland Park



I'm only 1/4 Asian. The rest is allllll Cracker! On the subject of shrinkydinks, that would be yet another area of expertise for you. I am generally in bed with my wife by 2200 hours.

Pub 17

Like where repressed Asians with shrinkydinks go at night?


That is perfect, the two fairies make a great couple. Maybe they can ride the BART with you and show you some secret places you might enjoy Pubic.

Pub 17

It's over by the Memorial Stall in honor of Larry Craig.


The should have a special monument there for Barney Frank.


Now there's a legitimate beef with the visitor's center. It's refreshing to read that someone has problems with it other than it not being "Christian enough."


The National Museum of Crooks, Clowns and Co**suckers.


I've got to agree with this one. From what I've read, the entire project was plagued by mismanagement and cost overruns.

$1000/sf isn't completely out of line for a really nice museum, big this project seems to be nothing more than a monument to the ego of congressional members.

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