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December 18, 2008

Congress should back auto warranties

I expect a lot of people are reluctant to buy a new GM, Ford or Chrysler vehicle because they are concerned that the warranty will be wiped out if the car maker takes bankruptcy.

A government loan is only a short-term fix. Selling vehicles is the only long-term solution.

If Congress truly wants to save the U.S. auto industry, it needs to guarantee the warranties so buyers can safely invest in a new U.S. vehicle.

Mike Trier
Unionville, Mo.



Malubiu is a POS, I just rented one while on business travel. Uncomfortable seats and the typical cheap interior of GM. Body style looked pretty good, however I was fatigued after driving that POJ.
What is up with GM and the rinky dink mirrors as well? Good try however not remotely close to the likes of Toyota or Honda as far as comfort and finish.
I am reluctant to buy a GM or Chrysler because I get tired of whining UAW Nazis and I get tired of excuses from the service depts when you have to take the POJ in to be worked on due to poor craftsmanship.

red rover

bridge, go check out a new Malibu before you trash all GMs


I hate to say it, but people are reluctant to buy a GM, Ford, or Chrysler because they have a poor fit and finish and are not reliable. The warranty is the least of their problems.

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