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December 13, 2008

Does FDA protect us?

Amy Brown (12/8, Letters) is right. Why should we pay for the FDA to set up shop in China to make sure they do not water down products with harmful melamine? Manufacturers put melamine in pet food, which killed and sickened many pets. They put melamine in baby formulas, which sickened thousands of babies in China. We have had dangerous toys, candy and pharmaceuticals sent into this country.

The FDA said it was OK for baby formulas being sent to America to have a little melamine. Why? I am not sure we can trust the FDA to ensure our safety.

Tamara Galliher
Prairie Village


Stifled Freedom

The Consumer product safety commisions sure dropped the ball on lead painted toys in China.

It is safe to assume that most of these big expensive Washington bureacracies dont do anything to protect you. They dont even think about you as they go to work. As they see thier job, it is only to to expand thier bureacratic kingdom and get more tax money.

But never fear, while your children were poisoned, they got those massage parlors shutdown....and those escort services wire tapped.


American consumers demand cheap, we are getting what we ask for. Entitlement thinking, greed, and labor unions equals no moderate solution. We should be importing many of the consumables that we do from other countries. There are some we must, China really does afford much any value to us except volume and overall poor quality regarding certain products. Not all product made in China are of poor quality, however.
Baby formula? That should be a 100% domestic product. WOuld that union worker making $22 an hour for a buttom pushing job be willing to take market value wages plus say 20% and gurantee no walking of the job because you do not get your way? I doubt it, much of the reason this sector of jobs are being sold overseas. Bill Clinton revising NAFTA dis not exactly help the situation either.

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