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December 19, 2008

Don’t leave children or pets alone in car

How many animals and kids have to be stolen with cars before we learn that you can’t leave babies, animals or anything else of value to us alone in cars?

Then there are the people who leave them in hot cars in the summertime.

How many have to be stolen or die to make people understand that nothing is so important that you have to leave pets or kids alone in the car? It never seems to sink in.

Please people, just think and use a little common sense.

Kay Perkins



I wouldn't dream of taking a baby or small child in the car and then leaving them there as I shopped. I do, however, take my dogs "FOR A RIDE IN THE JEEP:", which is often the highlight of their day. I never take them when it's hot out, or when the temps drop below freezing, and I never leave them alone in the Jeep for more than 15 minutes.

My two border-collie mixed monsters are 75 pound bundles of love. The female has a menacing and decidedly un-feminine bark which any car thief worth his salt would happily avoid.

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