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December 26, 2008

For Democrats, it’s not so easy being green

When Democrats were out of power, expedience demanded that they concentrate on issues they agreed on and work together to win the next election. Being in power, however, is already a different story.

Take the radical environmentalists, for example. They assumed, with their candidate in office, that the Democrats would continue to be the “clean, green party.” But they underestimated the economic crisis facing the new president-elect. With the massive stimulus plan and the $1 trillion infrastructure program, the Green lobby is beginning to fuss.

Colin Peppard of Friends of the Earth said, “More roads mean more pollution and more dependence on oil, hurting our economy, security and climate.”

Democratic discord certainly makes the news worth watching again.

Susan Phillips
Kansas City


Pub 17

Nice Guy--if you're going to attempt to be clever, at least learn to spell "anointed."


Just so you know Vet, we have been doing bridge and road construction long before the annointed one claimed it is his innovation. Who pays for these projects?
It will be funny to see very few showing up for these jobs, many of the people getting job cuts are not iron workers and construction laborers.

homer glasgow

ms. phillips, just where did you hear/read that the money spent on infrastructure would be new roads and highways. the repair of the aforementioned will be included. these monies will be spent priamrily on the new energy grid to promote the use of renewables. the roads and brdges to nowhere will not be part of the bargain. ever hear of ted stevens?

Pub 17

Give Barry a call at (202) 456-1414, Rouge. They're holding his calls till the end of January, and he'll want to thank you for your part in getting him elected by posting ignorant shi'ite about how Sarah Palin had the libs runniing scared.


Right you are Susan, it will be fun to watch turn on themselves!

BTW after being away for awhile it is good to see our charter members of the kookdom, the ammo humper, and the troop train chaser are still operating in the full hate America mode. Congratulations you two!

Pub 17

Someday soon Michelle Obama is going to break a heel in public, and Fox News will have three investigative reports and a round-table discussion about the collapse of U.S. trade policy.


What makes the news worth seeing these days is all the signs that America is heading back on the right track after eight years of incompetence at the top.

And it's pretty sweet seeing right wingers like you searching eagerly for any bit of almost-bad news to make you feel good about yourselves.

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