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December 20, 2008

Going to theater? Dress the part

For two decades, I have worked in the performing arts. My colleagues and I have watched as the attire worn to cultural events has become less appropriate.

Years ago, when people would attend a performance, dressing up was expected and showed that you appreciated the artists’ time and talent. Over time, our society seems to have forgotten the importance of dressing for the occasion.

I cannot speak on behalf of the organizations for whom I have worked, but these opinions, although personal, are shared by many.

I am not saying that everyone who comes to the theater needs to wear a tuxedo or a ball gown, but putting forth some type of effort to dress appropriately goes a long way. Jean shorts and flip-flops are never the correct choice of attire.

If you are unsure of how to dress, please keep this in mind: Business casual is always a safe bet for matinees and performances during the week. For weekend evening performances, go the extra mile and dress for a special night on the town.

Kansas Citians need to take pride in the arts community it is so privileged to have.

Stacey Adkins
Kansas City


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