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December 27, 2008

Hillary’s campaign debt

Here is my plan. I read that Hillary Clinton cannot locate anyone to pay her bills. Not even her millionaire husband will help, so she will write the millions she owes off her income tax (12/23, A-2, “Clinton writes off campaign loan”).

So the next time I buy a soft drink and candy bar in a store, I will look around for someone to give me money. Then, if I don’t find someone, I will “loan” myself the $3 to pay the bill and write if off my taxes.

Bob Faulkner
Prairie Village



And this is our problem how? SHe is also a millionaire. This is what politicians and lawyers do best, rack up debt then expect someone else to pay for their poor fiscal discipline. Maybe they should do what many courts do to some selct group, force her to pay up or face going to prison. Debt is debt.


Bob I think you'll find our tax laws are full of clauses allowing millionaires to write off nearly anything they want. So unless you're a wealthy man with a tax attorney on retainer, I'd be very careful about writing off that $3 for candy and soda.


Why does the Star print ignorant drivel like this?

T. Hanson

Oh you make joke... because we can't write off debt like the Clintons.... You funny!

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