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December 07, 2008

Holiday party attire too expensive

I had to chuckle at The Star’s Dec. 2 edition. The front page announced an official recession, while the FYI section explained in great detail how I could spend $1,000 on holiday party attire (“All decked out”).

I can’t help but think your readers would have been better served with a creative article showing how to achieve an upscale look for less by shopping at stores such as Target and Kohl’s versus Nordstrom and Von Maur.

In a time where many people are trying to find ways to make ends meet, Ann Spivak’s article seemed out of place and out of touch.

Mari Rydings



I find it somewhat telling, since I have actually lived in section 8 housing growing up. Today you see the choices many make, no pay the bills, but buy the latest cell phone and hit rent-A-Center for a flat screen or forking our for the latest Nike Airs and Sean Jean outfit. Right, we have some that need help and the majoroity that abuse and scalp the taxpayers, this includes the fat cats at AIG, GM and the other hundreds on the first bail out bill.

Pub 17

Compassion is not folding your arms, shaking your head sadly, and saying, Nothing for you, kid, there's a guy in the next building in the project who sold his food stamps for crack money.


Compassion is not handing someone money to go spend on crack or booze.

Pub 17

Oh, technically, somewhere out there must be a hooker with a heart of gold. There MUST be, enough movies have been made about them. But I'll keep my hand on my wallet, thank you very much. Similarly

Technically, somewhere out there must be a compassionate conservative...

Farm subsidies--sure, all you're seeing is the incredible power of a system that gives long-serving Congressmen, many from farm states, committee chairmanships. End 'em all tomorrow, they're leftovers from the Eisenhower era.


A great quote by a great African-American:

There are many farm handouts; but let's call them what they really are: a form of legalized theft. Essentially, a congressman tells his farm constituency, 'Vote for me. I'll use my office to take another American's money and give it to you.' -- Dr. Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason University.


Pub what I see are a bunch of hypocrites on BOTH sides. However, to claim that Democrats are the party of the poor is dillusional at best. How much did Patriot Joe and the Obama's collectively give to the less fortunate versus how much the McCain's gave? Put it this way, we gave more than Patriot Joe gave and we make about 1/10 of what that bozo makes.

Pub 17

OMG, "lables"? Lapels. Lavellieres. Liables.

Pub 17

Look at the crowd shots at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Unless you think that the conventioneers are window dressing, try and convince yourself that it's all the same bunch of weasels with two different lables. C'mon.


Both parties are the party of the wealthy. Lets be honest about that. If Democrats were like what people try to make them out to be (the party for the poor), then they wouldn't have guys like Buffet, the Hollywood people, Bill Gates, etc. giving them money. They wouldn't even have enough money to win many elections. And lets not lie to ourselves, money does play a big part in winning elections.


What a stupid friggin thread. Is there anyone here who thinks President bush wears suits that cost less than a grand. Anybody here dumb enough to think his ties come from TJ Max. Who gives a rats sss if Obama has a tux that cost less than a grand or more than a grand.

What a stupid friggin thread.


One question Pub, does someone pay you to get on these message boards all day?

Pub 17

OMG Nice Guy has suddenly discovered that Democrats are the party of the wealthy. I'd like to introduce you to Mark Robertson, who thinks that the New Deal caused the Depression. You two should have LOTS to talk about.


Actually if you did your homework, Democrats collectively are the wealthier party. I would consider Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Buffett, John Edwards, The Clintons and Heinz/Kerry poor by any stretch of the imagination. Why is it that hood thugs that beceom millionaires are nothing more than well financed hood thugs? Maybe because money is not the definition of wealth.

Pub 17

I think we need to put the Republicans, Party of the Common Man, back in power.

You're even lamer than usual, Nice Guy. Have some more coffee.


Nancy P is out of touch with her taxpayer funded private jet and desgner wardrobe.
Have you seen the $1000 tux designed for Obama?

Pub 17

As ever, Rogue, this is America, you can drive anything you can afford to buy AND fill up. I've still got that 1973 4X4 454 Suburban I'm trying to sell, and I'll give you five hundred dollars in trade for the Original Maverick. Six MPG, you can drive the entire Energized Base AND their luggage all over town.

T. Hanson

Their priorities might be out of whack, but it is their priorities.

Also highend stores are having a hard time too. Sharper Image went out of business and I am sure Nordstrom will think about where to set up their next store b/c people are not buying the $100 white tshirts they used to.


It is so good of all the know it alls to det the moral and behaviors standards for the rest of us. For example, God (or whatever) help you if you dare to buy a pick-up truck, or gasp, an SUV! What hypocrits.

Art Chick

There will always be those who are out of touch in this way. Their mantra, it seems, is "CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME", regardless of any crisis that is happening--to OTHER people. (Hummer drivers, for example)
Priorities all outta whack.

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