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December 08, 2008

In defense of the Clampetts

In a letter (12/5) critical of Mayor Funkhouser and his wife, Richard F. Thomas Jr. decries their conduct, stating “It’s worse than the Clintons, the Clampetts and every other ne’er-do-well couple made famous through dysfunction and general annoyance.” The Clintons can defend themselves, but someone must speak for the Clampetts.

There were no couples among the Clampetts. There was Granny, her son-in-law Jed, his daughter, Elly May, and his nephew, Jethro. Even California (at least in the 1960s) wasn’t ready to fashion a couple out of that mix. Sure, Aunt Pearl had her eye on Mr. Brewster, an oil company executive, and she was eager to find a suitor for her daughter, Jethrine, but by and large, there were no Clampett couples.

And the clan was hardly dysfunctional. Their home was an oasis of rationality in a desert of Left Coast madness.

Ne’er-do-wells? A malicious insult. The Clampetts were altruistic to a fault.

Mr. Thomas is free to say what he likes about the mayor, but there is no justification for his attack upon the Clampetts.

Jeff Maloney
Kansas City



It would seem prudent if the Mayor (right or wrong) had the focus of the city in hand, he would tell the wife to can it and get on down the road. Just my opinion. It seems like rather than deal with issues, BOTH Mayor Funk and the council are wasting valuable time bickering. We have bigger fish to fry in KC, a football teamm full of millioanires that can not win a game, a Hunt family that is so broke they can not afford their own stadium upgrades, a delapidated ghetto school district, a runaway thieving HHS, amongst other issues.
Mrs. Funk , go home and volunteer your time elswhere.


Unfortunately, some people see everything only through race - no matter what it is.

I haven't been able to figure out whether the Mayor and his wife and joined at the hip or if this is a true power play by the Mayor. As he mentioned, HE should be able to have WHOEVER he wants in his office. To a point - he's correct - but NOT ABSOLUTE! It reminds me of the comment Richard Nixon made on the Frost interview - "if the President does it - it is NOT illegal" - implying the President IS the law. I'm wondering if the Mayor has a similar attitude. That WHOEVER the Mayor has in his office - it IS lawful and ethical - because he IS the Mayor.

Something to think about.


No, that would be those that play the race card every chance they get. Michelle Obama is welcome to run anything she wants ro get involved as much as she wants and there is zero nepotism involved.


This might be the funniest, most awesome letter, ever published by the Star! :)

T. Hanson

Give it a freaking rest NMMNG... We get it you are being held down and oppressed... boo hoo.


If the Funk's were black, there would be no fiasco.


Way to go Jeff!

T. Hanson

It is funny that we know more about the Clampetts than Funk...

Of course how things are going we are going to see a new realitiy series, "Kansas City and Funk, who will get voted out first, next on Fox!"

Art Chick

Thank ya, Jeff!

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