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December 31, 2008

KC snow removal falls short

Let me start off by saying there is not one current City Council person in Kansas City who I would even elect as dog catcher. But what this is really about is the city’s poor road clearing and salting during an ice or snow event. This year I called to get my road cleared after a snow. The 311 call taker was pleasant but did not know if crews could come by and treat my road in a timely manner.

I live on a hill that gets really treacherous if it’s snowy or icy. The call taker suggested that I call my City Council person to see if it could be expedited.

It seems that living on a side street is not even a secondary thought to the city. A “one pass and it’s good” policy is what they follow. Last year I contacted my City Council person at least four times in reference to road conditions and got nowhere.

So, to the City Council: This is Kansas City. We have winters with bad roads. Budget for it!

Mike Partain
Kansas City



Our side street (which is just one block over from Main Street and connects with a boulevard) NEVER sees snow removal. I've been told that this is because the trucks are liable for the cars they hit, so they simply skip any street they don't feel like plowing or treating.


Agreed, we have had what a few inches at best? Plus we have so many other important things to throw money at, privately owned millionaire sports stadiums to downgrade for example and renovation of cold storage buildings in DT to be section 8 living.


Has it snowed enough to bitch about yet. I'm sure there have been a few spots but not enough for full scale operation.

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