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December 09, 2008

Kline disgraces legal profession

Phill Kline got what he deserves, finally. I just don’t understand why the Kansas Supreme Court didn’t make him return the documents he obtained (12/6, A-1, "Kline’s behavior called ‘inexcusable,’ but he gets to keep abortion records”).

He is, without a doubt, the worst attorney general we have ever had.

Sooner or later, I’m sure he will be disbarred or will find another line of work. He is a disgrace to his profession.

Albert C. Aamold
Prairie Village



Engineer that is what we should have told the Jews during WWII, if they did not like the laws, do something about it?
When legislation is passed unbeknownst to constitutents, it is bogus and invalid.
Elected or not, when elected government puts laws in place that are unconstitutional, those laws need to be axed. Government is not supposed to have absolute power, hoever it does in amny cases. I have spent endless hours and reams of paper writing local, State and Federal politicians, nothing ever gets addressed. They all are simply looking out for their gang, lobbyists, followers, donors, special interests, self, cronies and anyone willing to suck up for their greed and power play.
All one has to do is look how Congress ingores he people and on the State level how the State of Missouri simply writes off what the State Auditor's finding are, no complaince by government at all. When caught cooking the books, stealing, committing libel, etc. They simply say they are the government and that's the end of that. I hate the government and consider them terrorist.

Pub 17

Please, Engineer. If only a small minority of people in this legendarily conservative state agree with you, you might ask yourself if Philll is really, really, enforcing the laws-all of them-as written, or whether he's making a fool of himself and those who support him. Nobody wanted to pay him a salary at taxpayer's expense to finance his crusade, so you can either decide you're surrounded by a bunch of morons who scoff at the concept of enforcing the law as written, or you can decide that Philll should obey the will of the people, shut up, and go away. I'll take Door No. 2.


Pub 17
Just how many "law makers" actually write laws? In Kansas, at least, the actual writing is done by a separate department. In the case of the Federal Government, most of the "law makers" have not even read the complete version of the bills they are voting on. As to Phill Kline, he is just trying to see that the laws of Kansas are enforced as written. If you don't like the laws, work to have them changed. Don't spend your time and effort criticizing those who try to enforce the laws as written.

Pub 17

Oh, knock it off. Compare what you're saying to some kid with too many pierces declaiming that all capitalists are soulless, bloody-handed pigs because all they think of are their stinking profits.


I am not debating you on what lawyers do. I agree with you. My point is the majoroty of lawyers are deadbeat scumbags out to ONLY make a buck at any cost. There is a difference between right, wrong and legal.It is okay to steal, extort, murder, lie, cheat, undermine, etc. just so long as it is legal.

Pub 17

Years ago I worked (very small part) on the Northern Natural Gas case in Kansas. When I was with the firm, the case was in its TWENTIETH year of litigation. All that happened was that one company got the rights from another company to a chunk of mineral rights. The contract included rights to all gas found under the surface.

Oopsie. The firm granting the rights was thinking "gas," as in natural gas. The firm buying the rights was probably thinking the same thing, until they found about a gazillion cubic feet of helium as well.

Twenty years arguing one word, Nice Guy, and for all I know theyr'e STILL arguing.

"The right to keep and bear arms..." You think we'd still be arguing over the Second Amendment if lawyers had a) written it or b) worked it over before signing?


Exactly. They write laws that benefit lawyers not the common good. Being a lawmaker does not make you good at business or enterprise, nor does it make you a SME on energy policy or military strategy.

Pub 17

No, lawyers are more qualified than most people to be lawmakers because they've been trained in the precise and unequivocating language that's required to write a law that means the exact same thing no matter who reads it.

Speaking of which, was anybody as surprised as I was to hear from Bill Roy again, in his piece in the paper last week?

homer glasgow

it was sooo cold this morning that i saw an attorney put his hand into his own pocket...


Wait now, let's not be so quick to criticize. Remember, lawyer are more qualified for ANY position in government than anyone due to their upstanding ethics.
I think in my lifetime I have run across maybe 4 lawyers that were worth a darn and none of them were in elected or apppointed government positions. Jay Nixon was a horrible AG and he will be a horrible Gov. for Missouri. Talk about blind, his dept. sits back and allows serious corruption and theft to go one in Jefferson City without any recourse on the crooks involved. Kline does spend entirely to much time on abortion issues as an AG.


Disgracing a lawyer? Isn't that like an oxymoron?




"Throw him out, since he's not doing the job he's handsomely PAID to do!"

I hate to break it to you, but JOCO voters already did that, about a month ago.

Art Chick

A zealot, who only went for a high-ranking position in order to further his agenda. I would bet he spends upwards of 50% of his time on this one subject. Throw him out, since he's not doing the job he's handsomely PAID to do!

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